Tell A Story

and win great prizes!

Your Story + Recap = Awesome Day + Smart Dialogue + Free Meal

Marketing has changed. Brands have always had stories. What has shifted in recent years is the means to tell the stories with new platforms. These new platforms not only allow for a different way to tell a story, but different ways to share and spread a story, and to let audiences participate in meaningful ways.

We want to experience your stories. And we want you to tell them in any way, except in the way you typically do so for work (i.e. PPT, Keynote, MS Word, Email, IM). The story should take about two minutes for a person to consume. The topic can be anything you wish. Examples topics may include the background on a favorite movie character, a tv episode storyline, what happend on the Easter egg hunt this weekend, the rise of a March Madness basketball team, an exciting 2013 marketing trend or a publisher update.

One WCG employee who participates will be selected to receive a conference pass to Engage: The NYC Storytelling Conference next Wednesday, 4/10 from 1pm-6pm at The Standard Hotel. You will be joined by Lesley and Brooke, and a follow up dinner or lunch with them will be set up to discuss the event and brainstorm ideas to implement the learnings for WCG and for our clients. To share the experience cross- agency, a conference recap will also be authored by you and your co-attendees.

If that sounds like a lot of work, let's set up a different way...

Want to get out of the office for half a day, go to the trendiest neighborhood in NYC, listen to some wicked smart industry people talk about a hot topic, hang out with fun WCG peeps and enjoy a free meal, probably with wine? All that is required is you tapping some suhweet technology to tell a story you are talking to your friends about this morning anyway, and then jot down your takeaways to impress co-workers, friends, family and potential love interests. Cool?


You have until THIS Wednesday morning to submit digitally. Send your stories to our esteemed judging panel of Chas Howell, Brooke Demarzo and Lesley Robin. They will announce a winner Thursday morning.

Please clear with your manager that you can attend the conference if you are selected.

Any questions, let Julie, Brooke or Lesley know!

We can't wait to see what you got!

Conference Link:

Here are just some examples of platforms to check out. We think they are pretty cool but you can also use a Super 8 camera if you are so old school inclined.

Aggregation and Curation

examples: Storify, Pinterest