The Lottery

By: Taylen and Taylor


This story was in 3rd person omniscient, because it uses the words like he, she, it, they.


This story was about a person who got stoned to death, because she drew the paper that signified death. So you want to not get it or else it will cost you your life.The head of the family has to draw if it's your name each member in that family has to draw a paper,which ever one with black dot has to get stoned. Not only by her neighbors and friends but by her husband and her children. Even the children or little kids are involved because they think it is completely okay to do since they saw there parents doing it.May the odds be ever in your favor.


Some things that we do not like in this story is that it was pretty harsh to have your own kid stone you to death. When you think of the lottery you think of winning lots of money not losing you're life.