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Introducing Zen Junkies

Happy New Year and brightest of blessings for 2016. I don't know about any of you, but I, for one, bid 2015 a very fond adieu. It was one heck of a ride and I am beyond pleased it's behind us.

2015 was the year of "lessons" and big ones. It was a time where we continued to stumble and stumble but each pebble under our foot was calling your attention to something needed to be addressed. If you still haven't figured out what the lesson(s) were, don't worry, because in 2016 we will be facing the year of "Truth".

This is the year where all the lessons we learned last year will manifest in truth, and answers. So if you were waiting for something to appear, come forward, manifest and it kept you waiting on the edge of your seat, you are going to get those answers this coming year whether they are good, bad or indifferent.

This does not mean you are at the mercy of the universe to divulge this to you. It means putting forth your own truth and being as honest with yourself and others as you can be. For some, it will be a painful truth, and for others it will be an amazing one. Either way, it's no longer going to keep you locked in limbo. It means it's going to either unburden you, or empower you and move you along the path you are suppose to be.

Do not fear these truths, they are benevolent and meant to assist you in growth and wishes. They will be coming forward to change your life in joyful ways if you're willing to embrace the message. Never fear truth for truth is a kind thing, a sweetness bestowed upon you so you can see a situation clearly and to either alter your path, forge forward, or start building a new goal. It's meant to serve you, and it's for healthy change and a prosperous life. Abundance is huge in this coming year, and the energy of the next 12 months is to help you to master your self.

Specials For The Month of January

Releasing Blockages

This month is about releasing blockages. Even blocks you aren't even aware were there. Think about what is not working for you at this moment and hasn't been for some time. Is it a relationship issue? Finances? Goals?

I am offering one hour sessions to not only identify the blockages that you are aware of, but also those which have been ingrained in you. We will identify your thoughts and emotions and fears, remove that blockage, and change patterns, thinking and words which continue to hold you back and re-ignite and re-condition your mind, body and spirit to align with what it is you want by raising your vibration as to match your desire.

It's an intense hour and a worksheet will also be sent before the appointed session. It's important you have a quiet and relaxed space to do this work, and be open and ready for the change.

The fee for this $150.00 and please email me for times available. This reduced fee, which is 50% off, will end January 30, 2016

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