Empire Virtual Learning Academy

Grade 9-12 Newsletter 1/26/2021

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Empire Students and Families,

With only four weeks left of this trimester, I'm hoping to see you all give it your all to finish strong. As we begin thinking of the end of this trimester and the start of another, I will be highlighting some very important topics in this issue of our newsletter. Some important topics covered are:

-Upcoming state testing

-2021-2022 School year course registration

-Trimester 2 Final Exams

-Trimester 3 Intent Form

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns I can help you with.

Mrs. Clark

NLCS Career Pathways Coordinator

Empire Virtual Learning Academy

Director, Grades 9-12

Upcoming Testing

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All Empire Juniors should plan to take the English and Math ISTEP at BNL on Feb. 4th and Feb. 11th. Seniors that also need to take the Math and/or English ISTEP will be notified by a School Message call and email. Students should arrive at BNL no later than 8:00AM and report to the large study hall room, 2310. Bring your charged Chromebooks.

The ISTEP is a graduation requirement for all students in the Class of 2021 and 2022, please plan to attend this important test.

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ILEARN Biology

All Empire students currently enrolled in Biology Semester B for the first time will be required to take the ILEARN Biology test. This test will be given at the Boys and Girls Club on February 25th. Students should arrive no later than 8:00AM and should plan to test until 12:00 Noon. All students that need to take the Biology ILEARN test will be notified by a School Message call and email. Students should bring charged Chromebooks.

Updating Chromebooks

All Empire students should follow the directions they received via email to update their Chromebook. Students should also confirm that they have been able to update to at least OS 84 or higher and can access the secure testing browser.

*Please contact empire@nlcs.k12.in.us if you are not able to access the testing browser.

This is a very important step to complete BEFORE any state testing.

  • Please see the document below for directions on updating your Chromebook Operating System and checking for the Secure Testing Brower.

2021-2022 Course Registration

All Empire students in grades 8-11 will register for BNL courses for the 2021-22 school year. We appreciate your help so we can plan for the new school year. Any student who would like to be considered for virtual learning through Empire Virtual Learning Academy for the 2021-2022 School year may also complete the Empire Enrollment Application online using this link.

Prepare for Registration

Students should refer to the directions and videos that have been posted in their grade-specific (Class of...) Google Classroom to help them prepare for course registration. The video below, outlining the different Diploma Types, will get you started. Each grade level will have a five day period to complete their course registration on PowerSchool.
Diploma Types Final
Mrs. Taylor, our Empire school counselor is available to answer your questions or help guide you with your course choices. To contact Mrs. Taylor or request an appointment contact taylors@nlcs.k12.in.us or call 812-279-9756.

Course Registration Schedule

Class of 2024 (Current 9th graders): Registration Opens Thursday, Jan 28th- Tuesday, Feb 2nd.

Class of 2023 (Current 10th graders): Registration Opens Thursday, Feb 4th-Tuesday, Feb. 9th

Class of 2022 (Current 11th graders): Registration Opens Friday, Feb 12th-Wed, Feb 17th

*Current 10th and 11th graders should check their school email for a registration sheet from their counselor.

A video with step-by-step directions guiding you through the registration process on PowerSchool will be posted to your google classroom no later than your first registration day.

Trimester 2 Final Exams

Trimester 2 Final exams will be proctored for all Empire 9-12 grade students. Once again, exams will be held at the Boys and Girls Club on February 23-February 25th. Students will test in two different sessions to break up their exams. If students have four courses, they will take two exams on each day, the student may choose which exams they choose to take first. Students who have more than four courses will take three exams during their first session. Please see the attached file below for a schedule for final exams.

  • Exams are untimed
  • Notes may be used for exams
  • Final exams (EOS) are worth 20% of your final course grade
  • Students must bring a charge Chromebook to final exams.

*Any student who completes a course and would like to take a final exam earlier than the week of Februrary 22nd may schedule their exam with Mr. Branam at the North Lawrence Learning Center. Early exams may be scheduled Mon-Friday from 10am-2pm. You may contact Mr. Branam to schedule an early exam at branamc@nlcs.k12.in.us.

Trimester Three Intent- In Person or Online?

Complete the form in order to get a Trimester Three schedule!

We want you to be successful! This year has been challenging for all of us and virtual learning has been the answer for many of you. For some, it hasn't worked out. If that is you, we encourage you to go back to in-person learning if that is possible.

Whether you have decided to continue learning virtually through Empire or in-person at BNL, we need you to complete the Third Trimester Intent form so we can prepare for you. Please complete this form no later than February 8th.