Three Blind Mice Crime

After the Farmer's wife cut the three blind mice's tail they got angry so they they called the sheriff and got the farmer's wife arrested. The farmer came and bailed out his wife later that day. The Wife got a call later that day the she would have to appear in front of a grand jury and state her case.

On the day of the trial the defendant (farmer's wife) and the prosecution (the mice) appeared in front of a judge and told him that what the wife did was a misdemeanor and asked that the wife be convicted.

The wife called her husband as a witness to the stand and he told the judge that the three blind mice had ran at his wife and she acted in self defense. The blind mice made a plea bargain to the judge because they were blind and they didn't know what they were doing. The Judge decided that each party was guilty in this crime charged them both with a felony and sent them both to jail for 1 year. Both the mice and the wife appealed to a higher court because they felt the judge's decision was not fair.