NCAS Counseling Corner

Madiha Shaheen & Brittni Fudge

What have we been up to?

Contributing to our goal of providing academic, social, and emotional support to all NCAS students, we have been busy meeting with students and providing ICAP lessons. In addition


Individual Career and Academic Plans in 6th - 12th Grades

All 6th - 12th grade students receive four lessons per year on academic planning, goal setting, post-secondary & financial planning, and career exploration. Notable, all 8th grade students received a lesson on high school expectations and graduation requirements and are prepared to start 9th grade with clear expectations! Special thanks to our math teachers for giving us the time in the classrooms to deliver these lessons!

Friends First - Free Parenting Classes: April 27th and May 4th, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Friends First presents a parent education seminar with Andrea Mosby. The seminar helps parents and teens to communicate more effectively, equips parents with tools and skills to curb the cultural tide of a sexually saturated society, and contribute to positive youth development.