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Week 4 At A Glance!

Week 4 was an exciting week as we got to visit the Book Fair and go to our very first "Fly Friday" assembly! "Fly Fridays" are a time where all elementary students meet in the gym and do various character building activities. This Friday several HS One Act Play and UIL academic student-athletes came to talk about the importance of being a good student before an athlete.


This week in reading workshop we continued to practice reading our "Old Favorite" storybooks. We are focusing on using exact character voices and also trying to search for words that we might recognize in the text. We also learned how to turn any book into an Old Favorite storybook. Mrs. Harrison really made us laugh when she acted like a Kindergarten student and showed us exactly how to do it by following these simple steps:

1. Pick out a storybook you think you'll really like.

2. Ask someone to read it to us while we listen really carefully.

3. Ask that someone to read it over and over and over again until we know it by heart!

(What storybooks have you turned into "Old Favorites" at your house??)


In writing, we shifted from writing "teaching" books to writing "storytelling" books. Our stories are supposed to be about real events/stories from our very own lives! We have been practicing how we can brainstorm to get ideas that we could possibly write about. Sometimes it is hard for us to think of a topic to write about but we know that we must first, think, remember what happened, and write using pictures and words. There is an amazing story in everything we do...even when we go to the grocery store or maybe even the playground! Once we picked our topic, we practiced how to plan our book before we start to write. We learned to touch each page and tell what will happen and what pictures and words we will write down on every page. It really is an exciting part of our day!!


*This week we will be talking about apples in honor of Johnny Appleseed's birthday on Sept. 26th.

*This week is Homecoming week. We will be going to our first Pep-rally on Friday at the HS gym. We will be taking a bus to get there. Pep-rally will start at 9am!! Students are encouraged to wear BLUE and GOLD!! Mini-cheerleaders will perform at the pep-rally.

*Mrs. Harrison's birthday is this week (Sept. 20th)....she is going to be brave and is ready to face her 30's like a big girl even though she doesn't really want to...because that's just what we have to do sometimes in Kindergarten!!!

*First day of fall is this week....does this mean cooler weather?!?!?

** Please remember that if something is in the FRONT pocket on your child's folder, it is homework and should be sent back the next day. Behavior charts should be initialed each night along with your child's reading log. Papers in the back pocket can be taken out nightly and kept at home. Thanks, y'all ROCK!!!!!!