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Collection Dev. 2015-2016 / Mackin / SPLOST / Other Info

Collection Dev. 2015 - 2016

1. Please see below for the Google Drive document explaining some of the information for Collection Dev. 2015 + 2016 and an additional document listing some of the Media Tech Center budget expenses.

As we have not received the information for Collection Dev. 2015 - 2016, we anticipate similar guidelines. This will give you a quick view of how the funds were allocated during the previous school year. We depend heavily on this funding to add to the RHS collection as RHS received $10,526 for Collection Dev. 2015. PLEASE continue to send suggested titles or general requests for books, e-books and DVD videos as we will need to add suggestions to those that you send to me. Please remember that this is a process for ordering resources per FCS and the resources should be received during Semester 2, so plan ahead for your requested resources. Thanks!

Also, there is another Google Drive document at the bottom of the upcoming document that lists the purchases of books, e-books and videos from our FCS approved vendor, Mackin. Please note that Mackin is an excellent vendor and FCS has provided some of the very best databases and additional resources that we have ever had for our students and staff.


2. From the Media and IT Department regarding fund allocations:

2012 - 2013 General $11,530

2012 - 2013 ESOL $ 1,190

2013 - 2014 General $ 7,756

2014 - 2015 General $10,526

2015 - 2016 General To be determined

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks so much!

Renovations and Discarding of Resources

We have discarded more books to make way for renovations. Currently, there are more books and VHS videos that will be shipped to the Warehouse, plus, hundreds more, as they are deleted from the MackinVIA / Follett Destiny Catalog. This will be an ongoing process, so please check with us often.

Teachers are allowed to keep any of these resources as long as they are utilized in their departments and classrooms. We are not allowed to “give them away or donate them” nor to sell them per FCS guidelines. At your earliest convenience and if you are interested, please stop by the RHS Media Tech Center to check on any of these books as they are being discarded fast.

As numerous people often ask what happens to the resources that are sent to the FCS Warehouse, please read the information from the Warehouse that is listed below.

What happens to the resources that are discarded?

"First of all, I am a book lover and our objective is to send all surplus, serviceable books to another location where they can be used. They are sold to charter schools who are developing their new media centers and to nonprofit organizations who are using them for literacy programs. We also sell them to Better World Books and to Follett Educational Services.

Regarding the AV equipment, we sell the TVs and carts on the internet (100) units at a time and we sell them to Charter Schools and nonprofit organizations. Any carts that are damaged or unserviceable are sold to the scrap yard. The overhead projectors and other electronic equipment are sold to an electronic surplus recycling company who works under the very strict EPA regulations." Former Coordinator, Woody Lott.

SPLOST 2015 - 2016