The B in Beach stands for Boracay

What is "Boracay"?

Boracay is one of the many islands known as Visayas in the Philippines. Although the island is only 3.9 square miles, the island is packed with activities that will keep you busy. In 2012, Travel+ Leisure honored Boracay as the "World's Best Island". The island is surrounded by the white sand beach and clear azure water. The relaxing environmental atmosphere is what sets Boracay apart from other vacation spots.

Ariel's Point

Cliff Diving is a one in a lifetime experience people have on the top of their bucket list. No better place to check this off of your list than at Ariels Point which was named as the top cliff diving place in the world according to The Huffington Post. The video below should be all the convincing you need to take the 30 minute boat ride to Ariel's Point.

Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell Beach or Yapak Beach is a place where you can go to be one with the island. This portion of the island is a great place to avoid the crowds of people playing volleyball, kids screaming, and persistent venders on the main beach. You can relax on a sun bed and tan while sipping on a fresh mango cooler or buko, coconut drink, straight out of a coconut that just fell from the tree.
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Mount Luho

Mount Luho is a great landmark for you to experience the island from a different perspective, LITERALLY. First, you can take an ATV to the top of the mountain. After, you walk a few flight of stairs to reach the viewing deck, you are greeted with the breathtaking sight of the glistening water and the trees that are full of life. If you want a place to take pictures to brag on social media about your great trip, no better place than here. And instead of driving back down, you can take the thrilling zip-line.
Mount Luho - Boracay Island - WOW Philippines Travel Agency


Boracay has many things that set it above the rest of the competition aka other vacation spots. The 5 star Shangri-La Hotel is mainly built to embrace nature by constructing around the forests. The beaches are rated as the best in the world. The island holds many activities and a wide variation of cuisine that will leave you with a unique, memorable experience. After I had the time of my life in the summer of 2013 in Boracay, I encourage everyone to, at least, experience a week on the island. You won't regret it. Trip Advisor is a great resource to gain more information to plan your next summer vacation in the Philippines at the incredible island of Boracay.