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The Hero of Austin

Last month, Miss Angelina Eberly saved our capital, Austin, from President Houston. Houston wanted the capital of Texas to be a city named after him ,so he sent Colonel Thomas I. Smith and Captain Eli Chandler to steal the archives. If it wasn't for Miss Angelina, Houston would have gotten his selfish ways.

why did President Houston want Houston as texas's capital?

After the Mexican Army had invaded Texas, and took control of San Antonio, Goliad, and Victoria, President Houston saw his chance to move the Republic's capital to Houston. He needed the important documents in Austin for him to accomplish what he wanted. This caused him to end the two rangers.

What happened?

Colonel Thomas and Captain Eli thought that they would be able to safely get away with their robbery, but as they were loading their third wagon, Miss Eberly saw them. She fired a cannon to alert the citizens of Austin. Thanks to that, the citizens led by Captain Mark B. Lewis, were able to capture them at Brushy Creek in Williamson County on January 1,1843.

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