Olmos Library Newsletter- November

Library Stats for November

Total check outs per grade level:

Kinder: 188

1st: 159

2nd: 375

3rd: 302

4th: 177

5th: 243

Total Check Outs (includes grade levels and Staff) = 1,556

Superhero Fun!

Kinder and 1st grade read the story Super Hair-O and then decorated Superhero Capes. Students had to write 2-3 words that describe a super hero (i.e. amazing, fast, helpful, strong, etc.). All of the superheroes put on their capes and flew out of the library once their library visit was over.

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Super Hair-O : Rocco believes that his superpowers come from his hair-an Afro with golden brown ringlets that surround his head. The more it grows, the more awesome his powers become. His superhero friends, who also have long locks, watch in awe as he whooshes and zooms through the day wearing his lightning bolt T-shirt and star-studded cape. Together he and his friends are unstoppable, until the day they are hauled off to the barber shop. After Rocco's hair is cut, he escapes back to his hideout, dragging his legs in defeat. A lurking girl quietly places her doll on the monkey bars and cries wolf. Rocco and his friends race to the scene and save the day, learning that even without their long locks they are still indeed super.

Dog In Boots

Kindergarten classes read Dog In Boots and used their prediction and retelling skills. Once we were done reading then students worked on the letter D in their Kindergarten ABC Journal and matched the correct boots to how they were used in the story.
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Homonyms and Homophones

Lesson Week 1: First, the librarian read to each 2nd grade class "Amelia Bedelia Talks Turkey" and after reading we talked about how she mixes up words.

Lesson Week 2: The students worked with a partner on an iPad and prior to getting started I used Reflector to show them what they’d be doing on the iPad. I had previously saved a template to the camera roll of each iPad so they didn't have to write the sentences. Students opened the Educreations App and retrieved the template from the camera roll, and drew a picture to go with what one of the characters meant and what Amelia Bedelia thought they meant.

*lesson idea courtesy of The Laughing Librarian Blog- Sara Romine (Woodstone Library- NEISD)*

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I can Check In and Check Out my own books

5th grade students have been learning how to Check In and Check Out their own books. The Olmos Library will be starting a Trial Run in the Spring for 5th grade students only so that they can still utilize the library if the librarian and/or Library Assistant is working with a class and is not available. Students have been monitored throughout the Self Check Out training process which began in October and have really enjoyed it.
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Poke-A-Pumpkin Fall Reading Challenge

For our Fall Reading Challenge students were given a handout with a picture of a feather on it. The instructions (written in both Spanish and English) were to pick out a favorite book and fill out the feather. Students could color the edges of the feather or lightly over all, they just had to make sure we could read what they wrote. Once they were done they were to cut out the feather and turn it into the library NO LATER than November 19. Students would receive a participation prize by taking a turn at the Poke-A-Pumpkin board which had a prize in each cup that was covered with orange tissue paper. This was our 1st year using the Poke-A-Pumpkin idea and our 2nd year implementing the Fall Reading Challenge. This year we had the MOST participation than the previous year and more participation from our upper grade levels. Way to go Olmos Owls and keep reading!!

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I'm Thankful For........

The librarian read Grace's Thanksgiving to Kinder thru 1st grade. The story shows Grace thinking about all of the things for which she is thankful for and the book includes some historical facts about Thanksgiving. Students were then given a turkey handout and wrote down what they were thankful for.
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