Cultivating and Activating Leaders in Communities and Cities

Learning from Other Spheres of Leadership

It has been an interesting journey for Heather and me into the life of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) since our son Nathan began there. Such strong traditions and history and insider language. Honestly, I think I got in touch again with what it feels like for someone who has been living their life without reference to God stepping into a church for the first time. Customs and activities and words we may take in stride having grown up in a tradition are a lot to take in - and it takes time.

One thing where we could connect with fairly quickly is a culture that is striving to create leaders. Over hot dogs and drinks at a football tailgate last fall, I met and had a long conversation with Colonel Mark Anarumo who runs the leadership programs for the academy. Cornerstone to the cadet leadership formation process is an annual National Character and Leadership Symposium that brings together proven leaders from military, business, politics and academia to share their insights and stories about what it means to cultivate the character, qualities and values of a leader. In February, I had the opportunity to participate and listen to many of these leaders, along with the 4000 cadets and another 3000 community participants. It was invigorating and challenging and full of not a few cuss words. I was reminded about how much more I have to learn about leading.

When was the last time you put yourself into a new environment to learn and grow as a leader? Q National Conference is an environment that is a challenge to so many Christian leaders - creating space to talk about and hear about views often different than our own. Transforming the Bay with Christ has been bringing in innovative leaders like Peter Greer who has the crazy notion that supporting your rival is actually, ultimately good for you and for the cause of Christ. Let's keep looking for the opportunities to put ourselves in proximity to those who will challenge us and help us grow as leaders.

By: Jeff Kreiser

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Q National Conference in Nashville April 24-26

From the ideas and current issues shaping society, to the truth that transforms the world, you will be informed and gain confidence that God is at work in his mission to renew all things. Education by thought leaders and stories from change-makers will inspire a hopeful way forward. Join us to be equipped for the difficult conversations and extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead during an experience of thirty curated 9 or 18 minute talks, featuring the state of American culture and ways Christians can navigate the complexity of our changing society.

You can learn more and register here.

Barnabas Group Launch in Sacramento

We are excited for the formation of the Barnabas Group of Sacramento and make sure you're aware of the upcoming inaugural meeting.

The Barnabas Group is like the TV Show Shark Tank for Christian ministries, but there is a twist. Ministries can't ask for money. Instead, the ministry CEO asks business leaders for the strategic input they need to get the to the next level.

On a quarterly basis, three vetted ministries will present their Big Question in a 15-minute presentation at Granite Bay Golf Club. The primary objective of The Barnabas Group is to provide leaders from business with opportunities for leveraged contributions to ministry organizations with strategy, expertise, and influence. Of course, ministries benefit when you write a check, volunteer, or serve on a committee, but The Barnabas Group provides a unique opportunity to leverage your business acumen as well.

Tuesday April 23, 2019


Granite Bay Golf Club

9600 Golf Club Drive

Granite Bay, CA 95746

Register here to get be a part of a community of like-minded Christian marketplace leaders.

Rooting for Rivals

Author Peter Greer did a great service to the church and the leadership of Christian Organizations in writing the book Rooting for Rivals. Now, groups of leaders all over the place are grabbing hold of these concepts and changing how they work. Greg Squires, president of the Parable Group, has a role as one of the conveners of the SLO Pastors Network and is getting copies of the book for the 30 pastors who meet in that group. In the San Francisco Bay Area, Transforming the Bay with Christ is having Peter Greer come and share with leaders on April 23 in a long lunch meeting at Peninsula Covenant Church. Nearby? You can register here.
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Global Leadership Summit

Everyone has influence...

No matter where your influence is — in your family, school, work or church — you are invited to join 405,000 of your peers to learn how to maximize it.

  • Get a unique blend of vision, inspiration and skills you can immediately apply
  • Learn from a faculty representing multiple sectors and backgrounds
  • Leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and community
  • Network with influencers in your community who are committed to living out God’s purposes in our world

Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient location near you.

August 8-9, 2019

Go here to register and find a simulcast site near you.

April "Advance Good" Challenge

April is the month when Spring really sets in with sunny days and warming temperatures. It is a time to get outside, work the garden or take a hike. It is a time to connect with family or primary relationships. But we've actually seen a measurable decrease in the amount of time families and friends—especially children—are getting outside, enjoying creation, and connecting with one another. Instead, meaningful face-to-face time is replaced with screen time and jam-packed schedules crowd out our ability to enjoy the beauty of nature with one another. Instead, let this be a season of intentionally seeking relationship and connection. (check out this great article from Q Ideas for more on connection and creation)

You can make a difference, especially with any young children in your life. If you are in California, you may have noticed the significant billboard campaign of First Five California encouraging grandparents to read to their children, mother's to sing to their daughters or fathers to talk to even the youngest babies. It's these actions that are could never be replaced by technology or convenience. Even a government that is challenged in so many ways has a little branch of itself encouraging the population toward this.

So, Advance Good this month by intentionally inviting, calendaring and following through on relational building, face-to-face or shoulder-to-shoulder activities. You can do it and be both blessed and a blessing.

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Cultivating and Activating Leaders in Communities and Cities

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