Mathilde Loisel

Character Profile by Ashley Totani

Searching for a Man with Money

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About Me:

My name is Mathilde Loisel and I need a man with money. I like to shop and go to fancy parties. I have not one kid, but I do like children. I have a bunch of friends!

my story:

Hi my name is Mathilde Loisel. I am not rich but I would like to be. I'm looking for someone who is wealthy and loyal. I was once married but that marriage ended after a stupid mistake. I was invited to a ball but I didn't have any jewelry to wear to it so I borrowed a diamond necklace from my friend. I was having a good time because I was living the rich life that I always wanted to live. By the end of the night I lost the necklace and my husband and I looked for it the whole night. We couldn't find it so we bought her a new one to replace it. The new necklace cost and it took my husband and I ten year to pay it off. My friend never noticed that I lost it and that we replaced it. I finally told her that we lost her necklace and bought her a new one. She told me I shouldn't have because the original was only $500,and now I'm single.

My hobbies:

  • love shopping
  • borrowing items from friends
  • shopping
  • going to spas
  • shopping
  • getting my hair done.
  • shopping
  • going to balls
  • shopping