Early Ojibwe


Wild Rice

Wild rice grows in water so the Ojibwe harvested it from canoes. There were two people in each canoe, the person in the back steered the canoe and the person in the front hit the wild rice with knocking sticks to make it fall in the canoe. After they got back they would first let the rice dry in th sun. Then it was roasted over a fire. After that it was dumped in to a pit lined with hide and people with clean moccasins would step lightly on the rice to grind the husks of of the rice. Finally the tossed it in the air lightly so all of the husks would blow away in the wind.

Other Fall Jobs

Whoever didn't do wild rice jobs still worked on other stuff like the children gathered berries and dryed them for use in the winter. Men went hunting for ducks and geese that came to the wild rice marshes. Men and women both used nets to catch and dry the fish to preserve for winter.