Animal Farm

Eric Randall

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Character analysis

Boxer is a hard working horse who has alot of perserverence and respect for Animal Farm. he shows his perserverence for his hard work and his motto "I will work harder". His respect is shown by staying loyal to the farm and following Napolean.

Boxer has two quotes from the book. the frist one is "i will work harder". This qoute he shows he follows by working hard on the windmill and working longer hours than everyone. Boxers second qoute is "Napoleanis always right". Boxer is blinded by Napoleans decieving ways and relly thinks Napolean is always right.

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Danger of being uneducated is the theme im picking. The dangerof being eneducated goes to all of the farm and especially boxer. Boxer was not fully educated which allowed Napolean to decieve him and all of the other uneducated animals. With Boxer being unedecated it led to him believing napolean and devoloping his motto "Napolean is always right".

Important Events

An important event in the book is the Battle Of The Cowshed. The animals were suprised by a group of humans including Mr. Jones. The humans attacked the farm. All the animals fought bravely including boxer and snowball but napolean was nowhere to be found. Snowaball was hit but not to injured by bullets. Boxer hit and knocked a human and of the sheep died in this battle. Snowball and Boxer were awarded animal hero first class for their braveness and the ded sheep animal hero second class.
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The symbol that i am picking is the windmill. The windmill meant alot to all of the animals and they worked hard for it. when it was destroyed they made another. The windmill gives them perserverence and probably self esteem for knowing they can do what humans can do.
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