OVS Weekly Update

October 19, 2018 Volume 86

Mark Your Calendars!

Learning Coach Training

Quarterly Check In

Our training this month is going to focus on creating a positive classroom environment at home and monitoring data inside K12. We will be taking a look at your student's data and reflecting on what is going well and what we can improve. Your attendance at one of the sessions is required.

Wednesday- Oct. 24- 4:30 and 6:30 (during Parent-teacher conferences)

Thursday- Oct 25- 12:30 (during parent-teacher conferences)

Thank you to everyone that has come and the hard work that has been put in! We have had some wonderful discussions and growth!

Past Training

Earlier this year, LCs at the high school learned about OneNote. We will have Eileen coming for the K-8 families at the end of October. Here is a link to refresh your memory or to get you started in OneNote. OneNote is used often, especially in the K-8 building and can be a powerful tool to use throughout the school experience. *To view it, you will need to log into Office 365.


Parent Teacher Conferences

When: Wednesday October 24 4:30-8:00 and Thursday October 25 12:30-8:00

Where: The Den at 60th & L

Why: Parent teacher conferences are a time for the learning team (learning coach, learning facilitator, AND learner) to connect regarding the learners' growth goals for the school year using MAP data, current progress, and how the team can work together to finish this semester off strong. Think of it as a huddle in football! You are strongly encouraged to attend so you can rally the team around your learner to ensure a winning season!

Who: Learning Coaches AND Learners

Parent-Teacher Conference Chili Cook-off

Since Parent Teacher Conference week is a LONG week. OVS Synergy likes to support our teachers by providing them dinner. We still need donations for the chili cook off. If you are interested in bring chili or any of the other items we still need, please sign up here.


You Be The Judge! Each family will get able to vote for their favorite chili. Purchase additional chances to vote for $1 each.

Tech Tip--Clear your browser cache and cookies

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies, if:

  • OLS continually loads or redirects – “Redirecting…Please wait”

  • OLS navigation between pages is slow

  • OLS pages load but missing information

  • Browser error messages

  • Getting booted out of the OLS or LMS

  • After a planned maintenance outage

  • After an unexpected outage

How to clear you cache and cookies in Firefox (Windows OS):

  1. Click the Firefox menu on the browser toolbar (the 2 horizontal lines located under the X to close the window)
  2. Click Library
  3. Click History
  4. Click Clear Recent History and then select the items you want to delete (e.g., Browsing History, Cache, Cookies)
  5. Click Clear Now
  6. Close all open Mozilla-Firefox browser windows
  7. Open a new Mozilla-Firefox browser window

Community Events


Come join the Omaha Storm Chasers at Werner Park for Baseballoween on Friday, October 26 5:00-8:00. There will be games, movies, and, of course, CANDY!! This is a fun, safe environment to go trick-or-treating with the whole family!

Engineering Carnival

On Sunday, October 28 from 1:00-4:00pm the Engineering Ambassadors Network will be hosting an Engineering Carnival Fundraiser! The event will take place in the City Campus Nebraska Union (1400 R St) in the Ballroom on the 2nd floor. There will be a variety of activities geared towards students in grades 2-8, but all are welcome. All proceeds will benefit the Engineering Ambassadors Network. Drop by for as long or as many activities as you'd like.

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Sunday with a Scientist

"Sunday with a Scientist" is an event that will take place at Morrill Hall (South of 14th & Vine St.) on October 21, from 12:30-4:30pm.
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Our new attendance practices for this school year have been going well. Just a refresher, that K-8 learners need to be engaged in learning for 27 hours/week at home.

  • K-5 Learning Coaches must enter ALL learning in the attendance module in K12.com.
  • 6-8th grade Learning Coaches must enter learning that takes place OFF K12.com.

Growth Mindset

Last week during K-5 assembly, we showed the below video that is an example of never giving up after failure. It is a powerful demonstration of how learning from failure can help you achieve and compete at the highest level. Everyone fails, but how you learn from it and react to it is what sets you apart!

OVS Synergy

OVS Family Bowling Night

Where: The Mark

When: Monday night, October 22nd from 6pm to 7pm.

Details: $10/person includes pizza, pop, shoes, and an hour of bowling.

Reserve your lane here.


**Optional after bowling families can do laser tag on their own for an additional $5 each.


If you ordered a t-shirt, they will be available for pick up at parent/teacher conferences.

We do have some extra shirts for sale if you were not able to order! They are $20 a piece. Sizes are limited.


Thank you all for your box tops donations! We were able to raise $158. Please keep saving them!


What: Parents Night Out

When: Dec. 7th 6:00-8:30 pm

More info to come!!

School Spirit

October 23-25

Where your ocelot t-shirt and colors!

October 30-November 1

Dress like your favorite book character!!

OVS Synergy Facebook Group

Connect with OVS learning coaches in a closed group on Facebook!

This group is for those of us who are enrolled in OVS. The group focuses on questions as we begin the year, questions regarding the children's homework, technology related questions that pertain to OVS, field trip information and updates, and anything else that comes up that we wish to discuss. Click the below link to request to join and engage in the conversations!


OVS Synergy- Our non-traditional version of a parent teacher organization. All are included and invited to participate, donate, and engage.

OVS Synergy Mission: A collaborative Organization that Creates Engagement and Learning Opportunities for Teachers and parents to support Student success.

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Ms. Rogers' Class Update

This Week:

This week we looked at the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We will continue to practice looking at books and identifying why they are fiction or non-fiction. Letter sounds and sight words were our focus during word work. Some learners have been commenting on the likes and comments they are receiving on their work! Please be sure to ask your learner about the sight word book they worked on this week. We worked with numbers and place value in Math.

Next week:

Fiction or Non-fiction? We will use Epic Books and identify and explain why. In Math we will continue to focus on number sense and place value. Writing will continue to be a focus, as we will work on writing our 5 Star Sentence: Capital letter to start my sentence, Punctuation to end my sentence, Use Finger Spaces, Use Neat Handwriting, and My Sentence Makes Sense. We will look at our writing from last week to see if we have 5 star sentences.

**Reminder there are no online lessons on Monday, October 22 or Friday, October 26**

I look forward to seeing everyone at Parent/Teacher Conferences this week!

Mr. Dowling's Class update

Week in Review:

I was only here on Tuesday this week. I attended a Math professional development here in town. It was very informative. I hope to be trying some new ideas next week! My substitute said the students were great!

Next Week:

WE WON!!!!!! Ms. Roger’s class and mine were in a race for the highest parent Seesaw participation. We only have 3 parents who haven’t signed up yet. Hopefully we’ll get them next week during conferences. Speaking of conferences, please get signed up!

There will be parent/teacher conferences on the 24th and 25th. The Sign-up Genius link is below. Please sign up as soon as you can!


Mrs. Walker's class update

Week in Review:

This week we worked on finishing up everything we had previously started in class. Students also finished up their data folders to get ready for parent teacher conferences next week! The students signed into their math Prodigy account and had a lot of fun working in this program. It is accessible at home so if you would like your student to do some extra math, this is a fun program for that. I appreciate everyone working hard this week to get all their artifacts turned in! Great Job!

Looking Ahead:

We will be starting the Readers Choice Unit soon. Student’s have picked between Henry Huggins, Stone Fox, and The Hundred Dresses. Ask your student which one they picked and either purchase or rent it from the library by the 29th of October.

Next week we will have parent teacher conferences where your student will go over their data folder with you Wednesday or Thursday night. If you haven’t signed up yet you still can! See you next week!


Mr. Gamble's Class Update

Week in Review:
Thank you to all for working so hard on getting assignments and assessments done for quarter grades. If there are lesson assessments not completed, learners may still submit work through the end of the semester. Learners will receive full credit for work submitted and the “0”s will replace themselves.

Online lessons continue to happen daily. See below for the schedule to ensure your learners are in attendance. If a student is optional, they are not required to attend, but are welcome to for additional assistance. “Required” learners must attend the session for lesson assistance.

Looking Ahead:
Learners will continue to use their Passports to check in with each Learning Facilitator and discuss that subject area. These passports will also notify Learning Coaches what was done in class and what the next steps are for learners. Follow up with your learners and see what their next step is. Keep checking their progress and using the pacing guides to know what is due.

Should your learner have a question or struggle, please encourage them to reach out to us. If they are reserved, then please email the appropriate teacher and we will make note of that need and address it. We are a team and encourage all parties (facilitator, coach, and learner) to communicate.

PIT Stop is available on Friday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 for learners that need assistance. This is an ONLINE session. I will be actively in the session and available to answer questions or model lessons for learners in need.

We look forward to seeing everyone at conferences. Be sure to use the Sign Up Genius link in the newsletter to choose a block of time you will visit the middle-school team.

There are countless resources on the internet for math. Throughout the year I will post some here that could assist your learner or yourself. Learning coaches can use these to check the work of a learner or preview topics.

This month’s resource can be effective for all courses. Geogebra provides a free graphing calculator and many other tools that are helpful for verifying or graphing equations, expressions, and inequalities as well as drawing geometric shapes and finding their properties. It can be used to show graphs if equations in assignments or to check the work of a learner.


Weekly Online Math Lessons:
Most online sessions will not last the entire block of time, unless needed for individual help. We will work in mini-lessons addressing specific needs. If “Required” is listed on the session, you must attend that session. If “Optional” is listed, you do not have to attend, but CAN attend if you’d like help or a review.

The schedule for regular online Math sessions is as follows:
There are NO online lessons this week due to conferences and teacher training.

Mrs. Felten's Class Update

Our learners are busy as ever!

6th grade science students are working through some labs on rocks and minerals. They are enjoying hands-on identification.

7th grade science students are working on labs about cells.

8th grade science students are working on density and measurement labs. We did a lab using gum drop models to balance equations this week as well.

All social studies students are working through their workbooks. World history is working on a book about Early Man using Minecraft to create pictures. Global studies is working to get used to using the workbook in Onenote. They will do a research project in class before the end of the semester. American history students are on unit 8 right now. They will have an optional field trip to the Lewis and Clark Headquarters coming up. Be on the look out for an email from Angela Nelson for group details. Learners can also choose to read the book Jefferson's sons.

Mrs. Robison's Class Update

Thank you to everyone who came to conferences! It was nice to be able to share the good things your learner is doing as well as some suggestions or strategies to help them to be even better!

If your learner is behind pace, I would set a goal to have them complete with all work so that they can begin our new module on November 1st. There are so many benefits to being on pace for your learner! Although it may take sacrifice and hard work to get there, being ready to start our new module on the 1st will have its benefits!

If your learner has not signed up for a time to present their research or deliver their speech, please encourage them to do so. A link for sign ups can be found in the Class Announcements on each learner’s Class Home page. I am excited to give them an opportunity to speak in front of an audience. Although this can be intimidating, it can help you grow in so many ways!

In Computer Apps, learners will be focusing on Microsoft Word and EduTyping this quarter. If your learner has not started their Microsoft Word lessons, you will want to have them check those out. EduTyping lessons will be assigned to your learner based off of their WPM score they demonstrated on a pre-test earlier this year. These lessons are posted today!

If you have questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Mrs. Barry's Art class update

All learners should be following the pacing guide for their grade band and completing one art lesson per week.

All artwork to be included on 1st quarter report cards is due by October 14th. Turn in any labelled work to the blue "Art Drop Box" in front of the art cabinet.

Week of October 8th:

6th-8th Face to Face Art for AM art students

**All 6-8 art students bring your portfolio with any completed work.**

If your middle school learner is on pace they will have the following lessons/projects completed:

(Each lesson they do has an "Explore" section with an art project to be completed)

  • 1.01/1.02 An Artist's Role (Self Portrait)
  • 1.03 Styles of Art (Mini art gallery)
  • 1.05 Color Choice (Painting using a color scheme)
  • 1.07 Composing Artworks(Composition plans/sketches)

Week of October 15th:

October Open Art

To register for October Open Art- http://bit.ly/OVSOctOpenArt

9th Grade Newsletter

Troubles with your device?

If you are having issues with your student's device, please email your issue/concern to this email address: ovs-techhelp@ops.org

Parents will get an email response following your submission. One of our staff members will email parents back to provide assistance, so be sure to check your email after sending your concern.

Mission Statement

We are a dynamic and nurturing community of learners that empowers students to reach their individual potential by providing a creative atmosphere for innovative learning and academic excellence.


Future ready, today.

Core Values

Growth mindset