Frederick Douglass

Why was he important?

Frederick Douglass Was Important Because

he became a world-renowned anti-slavery activist. During his life, he struggled and fought against slavery and woman suffrage. He also wrote a book about his life as a slave, while slavery was still legal.

Frederick Douglass was born

in February of 1818. The exact day of his birthday was unknown, though he decided to celebrate it on February 14. He was born and grown up a slave, until when he was 20 years old, on September 3, 1838, he attempted and successfully escaped to Baltimore, from slavery.

During his life

he struggled through slavery, until in 1863 of January, they declared freedom of all slaves in confederate territory. He also wanted to give women's rights.

Frederick Douglass

died on February 20, 1895, when he was only 77 years old. He is known throughout the world as a slave, who became free. He was known as someone, an abolitionist, who fought against freedom in both slavery and the women suffrage.
Frederick Douglass Facts

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