Moose must adjust to Alcatraz Way!

Al Capone Does My Shirts

Fitting In- Adjustment

- Saikiran Nuthakki

In Al Capone Does My Shirts, a twelve year old boy named Moose and his family move to Alcatraz because Moose's father was a guard. In the book Moose must find a way to live, with the special rules that apply to residents. Example: " Rule number one: There's no contact with convicts. You see them on work detail down at the dock. On occasion they'll help a family move furniture or paint their quarters." He must also look out for his sister with a special problem. Moose's Mother and Father are trying to get her into Esther P. Marinoff a prestigious special needs school, but no matter how hard they try the always reject her. Example: " The Esther P Marinoff is a crummy place. A cruel joke. I never did like that Mr. Prudy." Moose must also adjust to the new school. And since it's mid-year he has trouble making friends. But as life goes on for Moose he slowly starts to get used to the fact that he is living on Alcatraz. And that it is really happening.

After the move Moose Flanagan, must adjust to his new home, Alcatraz, he stumbles upon some crazy friends, and ends up in a lot of trouble, but he manages after all he has his friends, his family, and "The Rock"!

Events, Characters

-Saikiran Nuthakki

All of the main characters are Moose, Natalie ( Moose's Sister), Piper ( The Warden's daughter), Theresa ( Another kid on the island), Jack (A boy on the island), and Annie ( A girl on the island). Some of the main events in this book are Moose's parents trying for Esther P. Marinoff, Moose and his friends getting in big trouble for a stunt that Piper pulled. Another Big event is having Al Capone on the island. Moose may not know it but he is also useful he knows many people. Another big event is baseball, Moose's love for baseball has followed him. With baseball he was able to make friends at his new school. Also another big event was meeting the notorious Al Capone's mother a sweet old lady. These were the main events in this book.

Gennifer Choldenko

Gennifer Choldenko was born in Santa Monica, CA. and currently lives in San Francisco, CA. She was the youngest out of four in her family. And is raising two kids. When she is writing her muse is she wears purple polka dotted tights, lucky earmuffs, and an old brownie costume. The book Al Capone does my shirts won the Newbery Honor Award. It also won ALA's best book for young adults. This book along with the Author was extraordinary!