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By: Halsey Perry

Elementary School Teachers

They are responsible for the instruction of younger children ranging for grades Kindergarten to 5th grade. Teachers create lesson plans, provide constructive criticism, and influence students to travel on the path of success. Majority of instructors are well rounded in all areas of learning. They teach students basic academic, social, and other formative skills in public or private schools at the elementary level

Education required and schools that provide an education program

The minimum education level required to become an elementary school teacher is a 4-year degree. Schools in Virginia that provide JMU, VCU, Mary Washington, William and Mary, and Randolph Macon.

Other information about this profession

Some programs require additional classes before you become a teacher that involve human development and childhood education. The yearly median pay is $54,100. Typical working hours 7 days a week, 7 to 8 hours a day. Usually, you only work during the day unless you go overtime to complete necessary tasks.