Vaccinate your Children

vaccinations keep you safe and healthy

Why are vaccinations important?

Vacinations are vital to get because they induce immunity against multiple diseases. These viruses can be dangerous if not deadly if reacted with certain chemicals (asprin, tylenol, etc.).  For all of the biggest viruses, vacinations helped decrease the outbreak by over 92% for each. Also it saves you 5 dollars through the vacination process thats almost 11 dollars in "society cuts". The age recomended for a vaccine is 12-15 monthes old. 


There are two doses of this vaccine in a persons life.The first dose of the mumps vaccine provides good immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella. The second dose of the mumps vaccine is intended to insure immunity in those who did not have a positive response toward the first dose, but still very small amounts of people are not well protected from mumps even after the second dose. Two doses of the mumps vaccine makes the person of which the vaccine has entered to have a 88% chance of immunity, while one dose is only 78% effective. If two high doses of this vaccine is given to a child  still within a young age it has a 99% chance of immunity.


Some symptoms are swelled salivary glands, fever, headaches, loss of appetite, swelling of brain and other organs. These are important things to notice in your child, for if you begin to see things like this or similar, be sure to call a doctor in order to find out if its mumps or not.


Mumps can transmitted by sneezing, coughing, or even laughing, or direct contact. So this is a extremely contagious disease, making it more dangerous. That is why it is so important to have a vaccination.

No Vaccinations No Education

Without getting your child vaccinated, he/ she will not be allowed to attend school. Not attending school can ruin your child by not letting them be social, or learn.

Vaccines are proven to keep away viruses.

What if there are side effects?

All vaccinations have side effects, some more severe than others, but overall they will still keep you healthy. Most of the time the vaccination will also keep you safe from the virus, and it is very unlikely to retract the disease from the vaccination. The side affects can be a fever, rash, or temporary joint pain.