ENSC Family Notes

November 8, 2015

East Noble Middle School

Thank you to all of those who donated their valuable time, talents, and treasures to help inform our community of the needs for and facts concerning a new middle school. It is through your efforts and support that ENSC is now moving forward with constructing a new middle school.

Everyone is now asking when do we start? The first step is to prepare official, final, architectural drawings. That will take 4-5 months. Following that process, the district will accept bids for the project. Once those are received and selected, ground breaking should take place mid summer in 2016 with a move in goal of summer 2018!

Again....thank you all so much. This project will make a positive difference for thousands of students and staff members and our communities.

Technology Notes

Because laptops, tablets, and iPads are such an integral part of what we do here at East Noble School Corporation, there is no doubt that they are touched, manipulated, held, sneezed on, and any other thing you can think multiple times throughout a 24 hour period. And—with cold and flu season already upon us--removing smudges and grime should be a regular part of your device upkeep. Knowing how to clean them properly is important. Always follow these guidelines from Apple and Lenovo when cleaning your devices:

iPad Care (taken from support.apple.com)

1. Use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, and similar items that might cause damage.

2. Unplug all external power sources, devices, and cables. Turn the iPad off before cleaning.

3. Keep liquids away from the product.

4. Don't get moisture into any openings.

5. Don't use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives.

6. Don't spray cleaners directly onto the item.

Laptop Care (as outlined at support.lenovo.com)

Cleaning the cover of your computer

1. Prepare a small mixture of a gentle kitchen-use detergent (one that does not contain abrasive powder or strong chemicals such as an acid or alkaline). Use 5 parts water to 1 part detergent.

2. Absorb the diluted detergent into a sponge or lint-free, soft cloth.

3. Squeeze out the excess liquid from the sponge or cloth.

4. Wipe the cover, using a circular motion and taking care not to let any excess liquid drip.

5. Wipe the surface to remove the detergent.

6. Rinse the sponge or cloth with clean running water and squeeze out any excess liquid.

7. Wipe the cover with the clean sponge or lint-free, soft cloth.

8. Wipe the surface again with a dry, lint-free, soft cloth.

9. Wait for the surface to dry completely and then remove any fibers left from the sponge or cloth.

Cleaning your computer keyboard

1. Absorb some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a lint-free, soft cloth.

2. Wipe the keytop surface with the cloth, ensuring no liquid drips on or between the keys.

3. Allow to dry.

4. Never spray or pour any liquid cleaner directly on the LCD display or the keyboard.

5. You can use compressed air to remove any crumbs and dust from beneath the keys.

Cleaning your computer LCD display

1. Gently wipe the display with a dry, lint-free, soft cloth. If you see a scratch-like mark on your display, it might be a stain transferred from the keyboard or the TrackPoint pointer when the cover was pressed from the outside.

2. Wipe or dust the stain gently with a dry, soft cloth.

3. If the stain remains, moisten a lint-free, soft cloth with water or a 50-50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water that does not contain impurities.

4. Wring out as much of the liquid as you can.

5. Wipe the display again; do not let any liquid drip into the computer.

6. Dry the display before closing the lid.

7. Anti-static LCD cleaning cloths and Kim Wipes are also acceptable alternatives.

8. Isopropyl Alcohol is a flammable liquid. Do not use this cleaner near an exposed flame or when the system is on.

Disinfecting your computer, keyboard and LCD display

1. It is safe to use a disinfecting wipe containing up to 0.5% hydrogen peroxide.

2. Gently wipe the system thoroughly, being careful to ensure no liquid drips in to the computer.

3. After disinfecting, allow the computer to dry completely prior to next use

There are just 27 more school days until winter break! OMG!

Unsung Hero

This week’s Unsung Hero is the East Noble Technology Department’s own Veronica Mosley. Veronica has been with East Noble School Corporation for over 10 years. She served her first eight years in the ENHS Media Center as a media center assistant, and when ENSC went 1:1 five years ago, Veronica jumped in head first and learned to be one of the best computer troubleshooters that there is. Last year, the Technology Department was fortunate to be able to add Veronica as a full-time secretary, although she begins every day working in the media center to assist students and teachers with technology. Veronica’s duties are many—from being the first point-of-contact on the phone to help people with technology problems, to helping parents with registration, School Messenger, or PowerSchool issues, to keeping track of billing and invoicing, to creating and maintaining student accounts—she does it all. Veronica’s bubbly personality and kind nature gives her the ability to calm even the most frustrated parent, student, or teacher, and her patience is unmatched. Veronica’s love for her job shows through the positive attitude she brings every day. Thank you, Veronica, for all you do for the Technology Department and East Noble students, parents, and teachers

Curriculum and Building Notes

Curriculum from Becca Lamon

ISTEP Scores are starting to be released…need I say any more?

With four different forms of the test given, technology problems, and such a late release date, these scores are virtually meaningless. Parents will receive a letter with an access code to their student’s 2015 spring ISTEP scores this week. We have received our preliminary access to the scores but with a rescore window opening and the bonus points still pending for students who completed the online exam, or those who completed paper versions with more complicated math problems almost 95% of students will have a different score in the weeks to come.

Once the rescores are processed, schools should receive the preliminary school data that will show the school passing totals. The DOE has released information indicating that we should anticipate a 16% drop in ELA and a 24% drop in math scores from the previous school year. The DOE and the Governor are still trying to sort out the impact that these scores will have to teachers and school with the A-F grades. We believe that they should have no impact.

So, I will say to you the same thing I said to my sister-in-law this week. “Repeat after me. I will not be upset by the scores. They do not mean anything. They are not a good measure of student learning.”

Alternative Learning Center

The trimester ended this week with a final credit count of 115. The students worked hard and had a pizza party to celebrate. The students should be proud of their progress toward graduation!

The new trimester starts Monday and there will be several new faces joining the ALC. The staff are expecting to see just as much success with the new students attending this trimester too. If you have a child attending the ALC for the first time please remember to call absences to the ALC at (260) 349-0814.

East Noble High School

We are excited to close the first trimester of the year on a positive note. Our students have a lot to be proud of this fall. Hard work has paid off in the classroom as well as on the athletic fields. Like many of you, we’ve taken advantage of the nicer weather by conducting several activities outdoors. As the cooler temps move in, we’ll make the transition into our second season and second trimester. Many winter teams are well into their conditioning and some are actually starting their competitive season. As teachers put the final marks together for the first trimester credits, we look forward to starting Monday with new classes for many students.

The ENHS Social Studies Department helped prepare students for Election Day by offering voter registration and having guest-speakers talk about the importance of voting. Next week, the Social Studies Department will help host the Veterans Day program on Wednesday, November 11. All of us at East Noble High School feel honored to have this opportunity to recognize the contributions of those who have sacrificed for our country.

United States History students are wrapping up the Trimester studying World War I. Students are exploring America on the home front and are working on creating propaganda posters that would promote the war effort in America. Students have also had the opportunity to see and hear many propaganda efforts following the United States entry into WWI.

World History students wrapped up the trimester by creating board games in preparation for finals week. AP Human Geography students are focusing on writing and creating three part thesis statements to be used on the Free Response Question on the AP Exam. Law Education class finished the trimester with the students playing the roles of lawyers and witnesses in Mock Trials. All of the trials were civil trials and involved the students researching their case and deposing witnesses before their final trial.

East Noble Middle School

There was an air of anticipation followed by a sigh of relief at the middle school this week. Thank you to all those who went to the poles on Tuesday to cast your votes. The decision by the community to build a new middle school was the result of many volunteers working many hours and now we look forward to participating in the building process.

For students the week was pretty typical with lessons continuing, tests given, and activities occurring. Looking ahead to next week includes NWEA testing, ISTEP results being released, and our Veteran’s Day program.

NWEA testing will start next week in math and language arts classes. NWEA tells students, parents and teachers which standards each individual student has mastered and which standards need to be the focus of future lessons. NWEA is given in three testing sessions, usually shortly after the start of school, in the middle of the year, and later in May, with the results available almost immediately. NWEA allows stakeholders to see the progress that each student has made during the year.

Preliminary ISTEP scores will be available to parents next week by logging into the website with their access code. Unlike previous years, parents will not be able to see the questions and their child’s answers. Parents will only see the preliminary scores. Final scores will not be available from the Indiana Department of Education until next January or later. ISTEP for this school year will start on February 29, 2016.

If you have family members that are veterans of the armed services, please let them know they are invited to ENMS Veteran’s Day assembly on Wednesday, November 11th. It will be taking place during NE time, roughly 2:00-2:45pm. Please “RSVP” your family member(s) to amunger@eastnoble.net or eherbst@eastnoble.net .

Avilla Elementary

OUR 4th, 5th, and 6th graders were Pint-Sized Heroes on Monday, November 2nd. We had a slew of volunteers that afternoon and evening helping donors check -in, getting refreshments when needed, and keeping the refreshment table organized. We had 30 donors pass through OUR doors (4 were first-timers), collected 23 units, and saved a potential of 69 lives. Amazing!

Donuts with Dads took place this past Tuesday morning! What a great sight it was to see approximately 300 guests beginning their day with their favorite kids! Thank you to the PTO for having this event for OUR families! Avilla is so blessed to have such a wonderful group of families doing wonderful things for OUR kids! If you would like to be a part of the PTO and volunteer your talents it would be greatly appreciated. If you have questions or would like to volunteer please contact the school at 897-2301.

OUR National Elementary Honor Society officers took time out of their busy day to place a wreath from OUR school at the gravesite of former East Noble graduate SPC Nick Hartge. SPC Hartge, a former Rome City Spirit Award winner, gave his life in battle on May 14, 2007, while serving in Iraq. His special smile and sense of humor added to the positive spirit that all students should have. The efforts of all veterans are appreciated and put to great use each and every day in all of OUR schools throughout the East Noble School District. Veteran’s Day is a day to celebrate those efforts and reflect on all the benefits we reap each and every day. OUR NEHS will also be delivering a wreath to the Avilla Legion on Wednesday along with a meat and cheese tray to be enjoyed by all veterans and their families.

OUR Veteran’s Day convocation will be held on Wednesday at 10 am. We would like to invite any and all veterans to attend and celebrate with us. We will once again be welcoming former East Noble graduate Shelby Carmichael to OUR school. OUR school would like to take this time to “THANK” all veterans their service.

OUR 6th grade band will be performing on Thursday, November 12th at 6:30 in the multi-purpose room. All are welcome to attend. Mr. Smith has the band rocking and rolling once again this year. Thank you to Mr. Smith for a job well done!

North Side Elementary

Over the past month counselor Beth Steury has been stopping by rooms to discuss bullying. What is bullying? How to handle bullying and how not to be a bully. Grades kindergarten through second read the book Bully Beans by Julia Cook. Grades four through six reviewed De-Bug strategies, worked on role plays, and explored the website, Stomp Out Bullying at www.stompoutbullying.org. Parents are encouraged to ask their student what they can tell them about bullying. North Side also has lunch bunches that meet with the counselor and these have been working on social skills and coping strategies.

Also this week the North Side PTO hosted a mother-son basketball night. There was a huge turnout and the games were very competitive. The moms came out on top but it was not for a lack of effort from the kids. Also involved was a massive game of Hungry Hungry Hippo, some dancing, and lots of good snacks. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the night a success.

Rome City Elementary

Rome City students took advantage of the warm weather this week by extending their learning beyond the classroom walls and heading outside. This week the first graders at Rome City got to enjoy the nice weather while reading to someone. Miss Dunlap and Miss Zolman's first grade classes met up to read with a buddy. They enjoyed getting to read their favorite book with a friend in the nice warm weather. The third grade classes enjoyed practicing their spelling words by writing them with chalk on the sidewalk. They took a picture of their words and recorded spelling them on their See Saw app.

Second grade Romans have been exploring different types of matter this week in Science. What happens to ice when you apply heat? How does a liquid change to a solid? These were some of the questions they explored as they made made Jell-O to explore changes in matter. What a great hands on week!

Third graders have been working hard writing fables and fractured fairy tales. To present their stories, students participated in a Writing Celebration on Friday. Parents and the third grade authors had a good time listening to the stories and sharing compliments.

South Side Elementary

South Side's Fall Festival was a huge success on Friday! Thank you to all of our families who came to visit, volunteer, or donated items to auction. Our PTO use these funds in so many different ways to benefit all of our students. The event itself is one of our favorites. What a great way to have fun together as a school community!

Our weekly update this week is from Kindergarten: Kindergarten has had a very productive and exciting first trimester. As we head into the second trimester, we are learning about our five senses. Mrs. Becker is visiting all of the kindergarten rooms to do lessons on our five senses using our iPads. The kindergartners are using their iPads to scan QR codes that teach them about each of our five senses.

We are also using our iPads to show our parents and guardians what we are learning and other learning experiences through See-Saw. See-Saw is an application that allows students to post pictures, videos, work and communicate with their teachers and parents. It is a great way to show how we use technology in the classroom.

Wayne Center Elementary

The first graders have been busy using technology in their studies this week. The students have learned about timelines and are publishing a timeline of their school day using StoryKit. The students have also been responding to their reading. We have been reading Thanksgiving on Thursday, and the students have been writing about the story and making connections to the reading. In reading we have been working on text features in nonfiction books. The students took a picture of something in the classroom and then used the notes tool to create a caption. In math the students are learning about SumDog. They are taking the pretest and working on math skills that are just right for them. The students did a great job with eLearning. Google Slides were used for all of the instructions, and the students were able to access this through their Google Drive on the iPad.

Wayne Center first graders are teriffic at technology!