Remote Learning Information

for Lewis and Clark Middle School

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What you need to know for Remote Learning

From Tuesday, January 18th—Monday, January 24th, Lewis and Clark Middle School students will learn online. At LCMS, we are READY to support you and your student through this transition to ensure that learning continues.

Here's some important information to help you and your student prepare:

  • Please choose a workspace where your student can focus (quick video for helpful tips). Headphones help in noisy situations. For privacy, aim the laptop camera toward a wall instead of into the room.
  • Please help your student follow the schedule (see below). Using a timer is a huge help!
  • Each morning at 8:00, your student should log into Google Meet to start a full day of online learning. Your student can access the Google Meet codes through their Canvas pages or can fill out this FORM to get an electronic copy of their schedule with their meet codes.
  • Please connect on ParentSquare with your student's teacher. Turn on notifications. If you haven't already, download the ParentSquare app for a better experience.
  • Please have your student log into their StudentSquare account. Students can access this through their Grade Level Canvas page.
  • Please review the LCMS Expectations for Distance Learning with your student to help him/her succeed at online learning.
  • ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED - Students will be marked absent if they are NOT in their Google Meet at the required time. This is a different expectation than last year.
  • Lewis and Clark's self-contained special education classes will remain in-person.
  • There WILL BE online school on January 24 to make up a snow day.
  • We hope to return to in-person learning on Tuesday, January 25.
Yakima School District Remote Learning Updates

Updates for Parents and Guardians - Information and Tips for Success

REMINDER - Log into your GoogleMeets EVERY DAY!! Attendance in GoogleMeets is required.


  • Double-click on Chrome browser to launch internet.

  • Go to Google homepage (

  • Click on blue SIGN IN button in top right corner and enter account info.


  • Look for waffle in top right corner (9 squares in a grid)

  • Click on waffle and a drop-down menu appears.

  • Scroll down to click on icons for Google Meet or CANVAS.

How to log into Google and G-Suite
(for Students & Families)

YSD Student Tech Support

LCMS Schedule for ALL Remote Students

Students can access their own copy with their Google Meet codes by clicking on the button below. Students will fill out the form and then an electronic copy will be emailed to them.

Please allow 5 minutes for the schedule to come through email.

Parents Guide to Google Meet - May 2020 Update
Here's a parents' video tutorial for Google Meet.

  • Every staff member at LCMS has a unique Google Meet code.
  • Your student must be logged into his/her Google account in order to use Google Meet (see logging on directions or scroll up for more info).
  • Type the teacher's code in the box that says ENTER A CODE OR LINK.
  • Click the JOIN button.
  • A preview screen will launch.
  • Click on the microphone and camera icons to turn the microphone and camera on or off. Also, check what's in the background of your video to maintain your family's privacy. Have your child use headphones if he/she is in a noisy area.
  • Click JOIN NOW.
  • If your student is trying to log in before the teacher has started the class, an error code will appear. For example, "The Meet code you're using doesn't match a call you can join." If that happens, wait a few minutes and try again.

If you have questions about using Google Meet, please call us at (509) 573-2200 for help.

Breakfast & Lunch Request for Students learning virtually:

Click HERE or scan the QR code and fill out the form for meal pick-up. Details regarding meal pick-up can be found on the linked form.

Form must be filled out prior to 9 pm on Tuesday, January 18th.

Changes have been made to our school calendar because of snow days last week:

  • For January 3, the make-up day is Monday, January 24, which will be a full day of remote learning.
  • For January 6, 2022, the make-up day is Wednesday, June 15 which will now be a full day of school.
  • For January 7, 2022, the make-up day is Thursday, June 16.
  • Our last day of school will now be a half-day on Friday, June 17.

What Online Programs should my student be using?

During remote learning, your child will have approximately 4 1/2 hours of live instruction on Google Meet with certified teachers and veteran paraprofessionals (see schedule above).

In addition, during independent learning time, your student should continue working on their assignments!

During remote learning, your student can use any of the sites located within GSUITE.

Clicking the links from our website or GSuite makes logging in faster and easier.

Please contact your student's teacher or call (509) 573-2200 with any questions.

Need WiFi???

Visit the YSD Student Resources page for information and links to help your child connect to the internet from home. Resources include:

  • Call LCMS at 509-573-2200 to request a hotspot.
  • Check-out of hotspot devices from Student Tech Support ((509) 573-7120 or
  • USAC Affordable Connectivity Program
  • Spectrum wifi hotspots
  • Cell phone provider information
Big picture
We know that as we transition back into Remote Learning, there will be questions. Please review these expectations with your students and feel free to reach out to any counselor or administrator with questions.

Counselors -

Consuelo Luna - 509-573-2212 - Spanish -

Tcharles Anders - 509-573-2213 -

Felix Espinoza - 509-573-2214 - Spanish -

Administrators -

Victor Nourani - Principal - 509-573-2201 -

Jennifer Norman - Assistant Principal - 509-573-2203 -

Steve Long - Assistant Principal - 509-573-2204 -

Main Office - 509-573-2200

Big picture
As we launch a short period of remote learning, please take a moment to appreciate how different this transition is compared to March 2020. All students have a laptop, and can access internet service support if needed. Every classroom has an online learning management system in place, Google Classroom for elementary students and Canvas for secondary students. Every adult in our system is familiar with GoogleMeets, understands the difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning, and is probably more tech savvy than they were 2 years ago.

We CAN do this, and our kids can, too.

Wishing each of you an engaging, productive, connected week ahead!

Please let us know if you need anything! We are stronger together!

Mr. Nourani, Mrs. Norman and Mr. Long