Jacques Cartier

By Fallon Nichols

Basic Information

Jacques Cartier was born on December 31, 1491 in St. Malo, France, and died in 1557 in his hometown of St. Malo. His nationality is France and his hometown is St, Malo.

Why he is important

Jacques Cartier is important because he discovered and explored a lot of Canada, and even named it. He also somehow made natives mad so the white men were treated poorly because of him.


The sources will lead to one of the 3 websites I used, which is Biography.com. The other 2 I used were History.com and Britticana.com.

Voyages to America

1st voyage: Jacques Cartier was sponsored by King Francis the 1st and set sail on April 20th, 1534 with 2 ships and 61 men. He arrived in America 20 days later and discovered Prince Edward Island. He also captured 2 Indians.

2nd voyage: The king sent him back in May of 1535 with 3 ships and 110 men. The 2 Indians he previously captured served as guides, and he navigated the St. Lawrence as far as Quebec. In September, he sailed down the Montreal river and was welcomed by the Iroquois Indians who controlled the area. He was told that there were other rivers nearby that had gold, silver, copper and spices around them. But, before they could continue, winter came and the river became impassable, and they also angered the Iroquois. He than waited until spring, captured some of them, and headed back to France.

3rd voyage: He was again sponsored by the king and left in May of 1541 with 5 ships with colonists following behind them. He set up camp near Quebec and found an abundance of what he thought were gold and diamonds. In spring, he left base, not waiting for the colonists and sailed for France. En route, he stopped at Newfoundland and encountered the colonists. A man named Roberval told him to go back with him, but Cartier refused, since the Indians were no longer friendly. He was again asked to go back, but he didn't listen and sneaked away during the night. The colonists had a harsh winter, especially because Roberval was cruel and whipped anyone who disobeyed him. By spring, more than half of the colonists had died.

A Day In History: Jacques Cartier Settles In Canada

After the voyages

After Cartier had failed to establish a colony, he returned to St. Malo and lived out the rest of his life as a businessman. As a result of his voyages, he had gained no wealth. Because of him, no white man would ever be treated the same by Indians. In 1557, he died of natural causes.

EQ answer

Jacques Cartier would have influenced me to move to the area he explored. I would have been persuaded because he explored a lot of Canada so we would know the area. I also would have gone because since he survived so long in Canada, we would be able to as well. Finally, I would have gone because he also knew the natives so we would have others nearby to help us survive.