Setareh P.


Have you ever heard of typhus? Typhus is a very bad sickness,and difficult to get rid of. Several people have Typhus, and it comes with several symyoms. You get it by being dirty.

How do you treat typhus?

Typhus can be treated with chloramphenicol and is very effective.A vaccine had been developed durring world war 1 .The vaccine will have significant protection and is almost against death.This vaccine heals typhus quickly!

Type of typhus

A type of typhus is Epidemic.It sometimes will be called camp fever,jail fever,or war fever.Epidemic is one of the greatest scourges in human history.You can get this by getting fleas and how to get that is by being dirty.Thats what epidemic typhus is.

Now you have heard of what typhus is.

If you ever play in the dirt go clean your self as soon as possible because you dont want fleas. If you ever get typhus and dont know how to treat it well now you do ! Dont be dirty!