The Friar

By: Kayla Wright

Research Questions

 What specific occupation does your character practice? His duties where to live amoung the poor and beg on their behalf and to give his earnings to aid their struggle for livelihood.

 What does the need for this occupation tell us about the time period? That many people were poor and needed help with their struggle to provide for themselves.

 What was his or her social standing? He was part of the clergy and he was supposed to live amoungst the poor.

 What might your character’s day to day life be like? His day to day life was full of wooing women with exspensive things and spending his time in taverns and innkeepers (240-242)

 What details about this character does Chaucer not include? It didn't include that he would enlis the help of prostitutes who would shower their customers to the summoner in exchange for their own safety. So they'd offer sex to the summoners so theyd stay loyal to the Friar and he wouldnt be turned in for Lechery.

 What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why? The occupation most like the friar today would be a Priest, because they marry people and they also listen to peoples sins.


The friar was very merry and happy

He was the most loyal of all the four orders

Hes very well spoken and easy with his words.

He married and gave all of his women gifts

of the fortune he could afford

He was very noble to his order

He was liked by all the women and people

he was very intimate with the women.

He was qualified to listen to confessions

He heard about peoples sins

In exchange for gifts.

In this he mad a decent living.

it was a sign he was greedy when gifts were given.

He knew he should give back but did not.

He took from the poor

with no regret or doubt.

People came to him to repent of their sins

He told them instead of crying they should give silver to him

he tricked them into thinking he was poor.

He kept knives and pins for the

pretty girls so he could give them too them.

his voice was gay and sturdy.

He was able to sing and play instruments very well.

He was always the champion of the hour at the sing-songs

His neck was white so he did not work in the field

but he could put someone down if he needed to

He knew where all the bars and taverns were

he also knew all the women in there very well.

He knew them better than a beggar and there crew

this show it was not right for a man of his position

Nothing good comes from the places he is known best

it only brings bad news

It showed his wealth and where

he made profit from.

He wasn't good at his service and he offened hurt people

The natural gift he had was hard to compare

he was a natural beggar and the best at it

And this paid his rent.

His brothers did not go where he went.

He could convince a widow with only one shoe to

give her last so that he had a little extra

in his pocket.

He walked around happy as could be with himself.

And for a small fee he would settle fights.

He had a bad habit barely worth a dollar.

He thought of himself as a doctor or a pope

he was the worst of all

on his shoulders he had swelling wounds

He made himself sound sweet.

His eyes shined every time he got more money

His name was Hubert.