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Things you didn't know about your brain

Have you ever asked yourself what part of the brain holds information? The Hippocrampus and the Amygdala are responsible for what you remember and for what you don't remember. Your brain unconsciously picks what information is important and whats not. The stages of memory are: 1. Long Term- storage of information over an extended period of time. Ex: Flashbulb, Semantic, and Implicit/Procedural- these are things you won't ever forget. It can be something learned like how to ride a bike; a certain event that you witnessed or heard about, or the knowledge of the language you speak. 2. Sensory Memory- information gathered by the senses. Ex: Iconic- visual, and Echoic- auditory. 3. Short Term Memory. To remember things in this part of the brain you have to do a Maintenance Rehearsal-repeating information silently to self or out loud. You can also perform " chunking"- grouping or categorizing information.
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Tips on how to get better grades on tests/quizzes

The most important thing to do is STUDY!!! In order for information to move from short term to long term memory, you have to go over the information.

.Avoid cramming sessions. It has been proven that students who study regularly remember the material better then those who only study right before the test.

. Organize your information so you can study better. Group up similar concepts or terms together. Leave yourself little hints to help you remember. You can relate the information to what you already know, or you can even create graphs or pictures to help you remember information.

. Study and/or go over material with a friend. Study shows that going over information out loud helps improve memory.

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