Permaculture Class


A Joined-up Response to Saving the Atmosphere

Last week I took some time out to know a bit more about working with nature. What I found out was fascinating and it broadened my horizons to the purpose and significance of all life.

I learned how compost, bees, tree, flowers, chickens, veggies, birds, creatures, trees, water, sun, earth and even slugs, snails and insects all support life. I also came to understand how, in case you take one out of the device, it all begins to fail.

Neither are especially great for the environment.

The space the lawn takes up reduces natural permaculture class habitat for all life and excursion to the store, plus the food miles your grocery store gathered on their way to the shelf aren't helpful to the planet.

Many people give lip service to saving the surroundings and most of us understand the value of purchasing organic, and we as yet have not managed to joined up our thinking about the subject. Probably, because many of us do not realize what to do...

Permaculture - permanent agriculture - offers a solution. It is a method aimed at creating sustainable human habitats by duplicating natures patterns. It will be the greatest in organic production and encourages all of life. In addition, it reduces environmental damage. Plus once it's set up, it probably reduces your costs!

I recall back to my childhood. Eating Sunday dinner at my nan's house was a truly wholesome experience.

When we sat for our Sunday meal one uncle would bring the carrots and peas, another would bring the beans. We'd provide the potatoes. My nan would cook a desert she crafted in the kitchen as well as we had all tuck in.

The evening meal was lettuce from our garden, tomatoes and spring onions from one uncle and cucumber and radish from another.

The sharing of our efforts and the pleasure of each others company. Plus food that had, in most instances simply been out of the ground for some hours before reaching our plates.

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