Motocross Racing

1.What is Motocross racing?

Timed motorcycle race over a closed course consisting of a winding dirt trail with hills, jumps, sharp turns, and often muddy terrain "What Is Motocross -" 2012. 24 Oct. 2013 <>

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2.What do I need to race motocross?

Find a dirt-bike your size. If you're a teenager, you'll probably want a 125cc-250cc, For teenager's i recommend a 250 Four stroke. If you're an adult, you'll probably want a 250cc-500cc bike. "How to Get Into Motocross (with Pictures) - wikiHow." 2009. 28 Oct. 2013 <>

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3.What are the best brands to race Motocross with?6

65cc: ktm and kawasaki are best

85cc: Honda, ktm and Yamaha are best

125cc: Yamaha and suzuki are best

250cc: Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda are best

450cc: Honda, kawasaki and Yamaha. "What brands of motocross bikes are the best - Wiki Answers." 2010. 30 Oct. 2013 <>

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4. How to start racing motocross?

To start racing you have to join the AMA, and your local district I don't no any of New Yorks districts sorry. But I would go to your local tracks if you want to start racing. And you also need all the gear. Helmet, goggles, neck brace, chest protector, shin guards, long socks, jersey, gear bag, gloves,and pants."How to start racing motocross? - Yahoo! Answers." 2009. 30 Oct. 2013 <>

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5. How hard is it to race motocross?

Jumping and turning isnt hard to learn at all.....but if your talking about motocross racing its very hard you have to train as much as possible most racers train every day and practice every day for hours and hours "How hard is motocross? - Yahoo! Answers." 2010. 30 Oct. 2013 <>

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