Traveling Nile River

Chris Cross Applesause

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam is located is Aswan, Egypt. It was built through 1960-1970. It is the border of Sudan and Egypt. It Also creates the niles hydroelectric power potential. And it holds back flood waters. But it has lowered the population of fish in the Nile river.

Lake Tana

Lake Tana is a Lake in the Nile River. The lake looks like it has an island in the middle of it. How does the Nile change with Lake Tana in it? It changes because there is light blue water there so it would look great to see that great view while looking at the Nile river. Some facts. It’s on the Blue Nile. It's the end of the Blue Nile which leads to a fast and viscous part of the Blue Nile. That's all of the information about the Lake Tana from me

As Sudd

As Sudd is a place that is mostly beautiful and a great view. It is swamp which there is not that much of those in the Nile river or maybe the only one. It's a swamp. Beyond it the White Nile keeps going. In the First Century C.E. A roman expedition started and found the swamp.