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December 2015

Look who's using Smore!

After hearing repeatedly from many trusted sources that Smore is easier than Lucidpress, I decided to give it a try. Guess what? It is! So this will be the new format for my monthly newsletter. Enjoy!

AIG Progress Reports and More...

AIG progress reports will be mailed home to each of my AIG students in January. This is a narrative report that provides information on your child's performance and participation in each AIG class he or she attends. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions when you receive your child's report.

Third grade AIG will be coming on board soon! I will be wrapping up third grade whole class instruction this month. The 7 Habits lessons have been well received by both teachers and students. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about the life skills these lessons instill. For further details about third grade identification, please visit my Dickson website.

We are now a month into Dickson's new k-2 nurture program plan . I am working with primary students in whole class settings as well as meeting with teachers weekly to provide support in the form of strategies and/or resources. For details about the Dickson K-2 Nurture Program plan, please visit my Dickson website.

Hour of Code!

I got the awesome opportunity to work with Ms. Eggett and the Claxton 5th graders on Hour of Code this month! It was so cool watching the students write code to create a game!

What's Happening in 4th Grade?

Reading: Students have finished Bull Run by Paul Fleischman. Each student has selected three activities to complete from the choice board provided. Each activity requires higher level thinking and will act as an assessment of the student's ability to process and understand the novel.

Math: Students are in the process of designing mini-golf courses that incorporate the geometric concepts we studied in the Mentoring Mathematical Minds Shapes unit. Students must design a minimum of 5 holes and illustrate how a player would need to hit the ball in order to score a hole in one.

ESG: Student teams are presenting their Mystery Mussel Google slide shows this month. Each group will do a self assessment on the evaluation form they were given before beginning. I will also be evaluating their work. These presentations are available via Google Drive so parents can see them. After the winter holiday, we will begin the Advertising Unit.

CSG: Students are beginning a unit on the Brain in which they will learn the various parts of the brain and each part's function, differences between left and right brain, and how nerves and senses work with the brain. They will also develop an understanding of what it means to have a growth mindset and strategies for strengthening the brain.

What's Happening in 5th Grade?

Reading: Students have begun a big ELA project where they must create their own country. This requires both critical and creative thinking as well as research skills, reading, writing, and speaking. Most of the work for this project will be done via Google Classroom during class. Requirements for the project can be viewed there.

Math: Students are finishing the Mentoring Mathematical Minds probability unit. They are developing a carnival game that incorporates the concepts we have learned in this unit. Students will critique each other's games using specific criteria. The unit test will be given the week we return from winter break. It will be open note.

ESG: Students are wrapping up the roller coaster physics unit this month. They will be designing roller coaster models in an attempt to meet both a basic and extended challenge. Next up is a unit on bridges.

CSG: Students are presenting their independent study projects. Each student will receive both peer and teacher feedback. Next up is a unit on bridges.

Can you help?

I will be purchasing craft sticks for the upcoming 5th grade CSG and ESG unit on bridges. If you have a 5th grader in one of these classes and want to donate a box of craft sticks to help with this expense, it would be greatly appreciated. A box of Woodsies 1000 pack (regular not jumbo) runs between $7-$12 depending on where you purchase it. Wal-Mart and Amazon carry them. We use the sticks to build bridges following an in-depth study on bridge types and uses. With 67 students in 5th grade CSG and ESG at Dickson and Claxton this year, I estimate needing about 6 boxes. Any help is much appreciated!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing winter holiday. It is a blessing to work with your children and I so appreciate your continued support.

Winter Holiday December 21, 2015-January 1, 2016

What does Ms. Sullivan do?

I teach first, second, and third grade whole class lessons. I work with third-fifth grade AIG students in a variety of small group pull-out settings. Students are formally identified for the AIG program the second semester of third grade. Once a student qualifies for the AIG program, services are matched to his/her demonstrated needs. I also serve in a coaching capacity to assist classroom teachers and parents in meeting the needs of their gifted learners.