Political Dissidents

By---Mckenna Pavelock, Kirstie Busa, Nathan Harwell

White Rose

The white rose was a non-violent group in Germany, consisting of students from the university of Munich and their professor. They made leaflets (which are like flyers) and passed them out to other people and made a statement that Hitler was being mean, rude, and a horrible dictator.

Sophie Scholl

Sophie Scholl was a girl who was involved in the white rose and was a german student. She was convicted of treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets. She was tortured into trying to give up the names of other people in the white rose, although she never said the names but they found out another way.

Political Dissidents

They were people against the Nazis. Many of them were sent to concentration camps and some not.

what happened to the political dissidents?

They had a quick trail and where found guilty and were killed!!!