On the practical dimension

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The implementation of those values

Culture is something that surrounds us from birth, is present in our lives tamil songs online download manifesting in different social institutions and practices, from our gender role our education, our family, the books we songs online tamil read, the media, travel, urban or rural space in which we live. At the same time, our daily discourse forces us to confront the constraint that involves living within a culture. There are things we can do and some do not, expectations others have of us, controversial issues while others are not.

Our compliance or discussion of the meanings, values and tamil songs online download norms shape our individual experience and put us face to face with the experience of power. It is not until we confront the norms of our culture that arises the need to consider who and under what interest has imposed rules, how has ensured compliance and why the community has accepted these rules without conflict. Culture, understood as a manifestation of power, raises the need to clarify this relationship, leading thus to the notion tamil songs online download of ideology, understood in the manner of John B.

Thompson as the ways in which the meaning (or the significance) serves to sustain relations of domination has devoted an entire volume to clarify the notion of ideology and trace its historical genesis. Following a preliminary study, it may encompass different definitions of the term in six ways. The first ideology means the material process of ideas, beliefs and values in social life, an approach which places very close to tamil songs online download the idea of culture that have been driving in the previous pages, as opposed to idealistic vision, and characterized its both political and neutrality.

Closing a little focus, another approach explains the term ideology as false ideas and beliefs, true or that symbolize conditions and experiences of a particular group socially meaningful. For, this idea of ideology is close to that of worldview and the idea songs online tamil of conflict is absent, but appears if, in a third tamil songs online download approach, we integrate this collective symbolic self-expression with the promotion and legitimization of the interests of social groups with conflicting interests (1997, 53) that have any relevance for the maintenance or questioning of all forms of political life. A fourth sense insists on promoting the interests of certain groups, although emphasizing the action of a dominant social group aims to unify all the social formation.

Further afield, breaking with the political neutrality of the senses so far managed, are fifth definition considers ideology as the ideas and beliefs that contribute to legitimize the interests of a group or ruling class, especially through distortion or concealment (1997, 54) the sixth definition handled by the English author insists ideology as false belief, but feels that these are not derived from the interests of a ruling class but of the actual structure of the whole society: the Marxian theory of fetishism merchandise is cites the example to songs online tamil clarify this definition.

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