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Information about what's going on in 8th grade math.

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My hope is to use this blog to inform you about the happenings in our classroom, as well as to equip you with helpful resources. (:

What's Happening

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Real Numbers

Students are learning about Real Numbers in class right now. This is so important, because kids use real numbers on a day to day basis. They will continue to do so as they get older.

For our first test, they will be responsible for basically three things:

1. Distinguishing between rational and irrational numbers.

2. Understanding that every rational number can be written as a fraction (including repeating decimals)

3. Estimating square roots

We are planning to test Thursday, Oct. 2nd.

Help is Here

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Virtual Nerd

This awesome website was found by a student It is so great in that it breaks down the common core standards (what the state requires me to teach), and displays videos to help explain the content.

For example, we are learning to estimate square roots. Your student can watch videos to help them practice this concept at home.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another great resource, allowing your child to watch videos pertaining to content taught in class.