September Parent Newsletter 2020

We Are The Hawks!

We Are a PBIS School!

PBIS - Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

We have implemented a PBIS system at our school. You might have heard your children telling you about the HAWK Bucks they earned. That is connected to our PBIS system. When students follow the PBIS expectations, students are rewarded. Think of "caught being good"! We teach our students exactly what behaviors we are expecting at school and when we see that positive behavior, the student gets rewarded. It is not all about the rewards - it is more about a whole school approach to teaching students to be respectful, responsible, safe and prepared humans. Our teachers are using our HAWK acronym to teach our students what it looks like to be respectful, responsible, safe, and prepared during virtual learning. If you would like to learn more about PBIS, please see this link.

PBIS is a Multi-Tiered System of Support

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Learning, Learning, Learning!

Our Teachers Are Living Our Value

Our teachers have been knee-deep (like you!) learning all about how to effectively use technology as a positive driver to move the needle of academic and social-emotional health. As part of our response to COVID-19, our teachers have been learning how to use technology during Distance Learning. We are so proud of our amazing team. The learning curve has been steep and our staff has persevered through the challenge. We also recognize the learning curve for our families. We know how challenging technology can be. We have had Mr. Greg available to walk families through any technology issues - for that, we are so grateful. Please know, we are in this together and we will celebrate that COVID-19 is making us more technologically literate.

At CCCS, our teachers are committed to life-long learning. We value that character trait. Please know we are not asking anything of your children that we are not doing ourselves. We are all about learning!

TK-6 Waiver and Small Group In Person Education

Change, Change, and More Change

If you are paying attention to our Governor, you will know there have been many changes since March 2020. It seems as if once we get used to one change and a plan, another change comes our way. We are living flexibility. Last week we were given the newest guidance to open public schools for small groups. Please see this link guidance for small groups.

This new guidance allows us to offer in person education (without a waiver) to our students. With this new information, we will have to consider what this might look like at our campus. We have a solid Safe Reopen plan (see website) that could guide us through the process. We will have to think about how to serve the students who will choose an alternative educational pathway - because we do have families that will opt for that option.

Additionally, our school has applied for the TK-6th grade waiver to offer in person education. We have a survey from our families that indicate 87% of families want us to move forward with the waiver process and we have survey results from our bargaining unit that shows 7 out of 8 teachers wanting us to move forward with the waiver process. Our School Board is in favor of us moving forward with the waiver as well. In leader meetings, the message has been that the waiver is pretty hard to get - and it is an in-depth process. Once the final word comes to us - either an approval or a denial by the State of California, the information will be shared.

We will keep you posted and give plenty of notice of how we will open our school to small groups. It is our utmost desire to have all students on campus. As of right now, we plan to go back to school on October 5th. The planning committee and the School Board will be meeting this week to determine if/when the open date will change. We will let you know asap.

Please know we do have an alternative educational plan for those who would like to stay home. Please see our website for our Safe Reopen plan.

Important Dates and Events

September Word of the Month - Prepare

September Awareness Topic of the Month - PBIS

No School - Monday, September 7th - Labor Day

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