Calvin Klein


Location of this sweatshop


products in this sweatshop

sport bras , sweatshirts , coats . underwear , perfume , cologne , lotion , sleep wear ,

Conditions of the workers in these sweatshops , how much they get paid , working conditions around them , do they have benefits?

Workers struggled a lot never really got any breaks , Worked a lot of hours but got paid less than minimum wage , the working conditions around them were very dirty and nasty smelling , they got NO benefits

Response to accusations that they use sweatshops? if so ,whats their response?do they still use sweatshops -

At first everyone thought the sweatshop was nasty they didn't like it at all they made fun of it because of the surroundings. So the people tried their best to get rid of the dirty surroundings. They still use sweatshops today but its so much cleaner and nice inside and its also over seas and no one has every said anything bad about the sweatshop. They now get paid minimum wage.


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