Welcome to {The Charmed Flock}

Congratulations on starting your new Origami Owl business.

I am so excited to have you as part of {The Charmed Flock}

Get ready for an exciting journey! Your Origami Owl business will be exactly what you make it. As you start to build your business make it fit your lifestyle. This is one of the wonderful things about running your own business.....you are in charge!

I will be here to support you along the way. Please do not hesitate to ask questions no matter what they are, I will be your first point of contact for Origami Owl as your mentor. You can reach me by text, phone, email or on Facebook whichever way is most convenient for you :-).

Before your kit arrives

1. Sign up for a dedicated email address that you will use for your OO business. This way you will easily be able to keep track of all emails that are business related. After about a month, I decided to add an esignature to my email account. This is something to explore once you become a designer. I use www.myesig.com for this service.

2. Consider signing up for a service such as Paypal Here or PayAnywhere. This will allow you to accept credit cards at jewelry bars. About 50% of customers at jewelry bars want to pay with a credit card. I personally use Paypal Here and have been very pleased with their service.

3. Consider opening a separate checking account for your business. You can also use your Paypal account(if you choose to open one) as you can opt to receive a debit card connected to this account which you can use to make purchases.

4. Business cards can be only be ordered through Flyers Direct. Visit this website to decide on which cards you would like to purchase.

5. Consider setting up a Facebook Fanpage to use as a way to communicate with your new customers. Be sure to consult the P & P for the exact way that your Facebook URL must be set up. Feel free to take a look at my fanpage for ideas for photos and content.

6. Email Origami Owl at newsletter@origamiowl.com and register so that you can have access to your newsletter that will go out to your customers. Once you have registered you can enter your contacts so they receive your newsletter.

7. Take a look at the Back Office training that is in the files of {The Charmed Flock}. It appears that the technology will soon be changing, but they have not given an exact date of when that will be. The Back Office is full of useful information and this is where all of your orders will be entered as well.

Start Thinking about your launch party

1. Start gathering items for your first Jewelry Bar! Have fun choosing items for your

display......get creative! OO has worked to develop a brand image that includes the use of teal and white as the main color theme. You can also use coral, tan/burlap, pink and black as accent colors. Many displays include white ceramic owls, jewelry trays and white serving pieces. I also use two busts to display necklaces, a jewelry tree and a mirror on my table so guests can try on necklaces. I also have compiled items for jewelry bars on a pinterest board that you can take a look at.

2. Begin working on your Origami Owl “Hot 100” contact list. You will want to continually review and add to this list to keep your party and event calendar full. (The Hot 100 List can be found in your Back Office).

3. Begin inviting your “40 guests” to your launch party. If possible, send invitations via mail utilizing the version included in your launch package and order additional copies from your Back Office if necessary. If time does not allow for this method, send an email invitation utilizing www.paperlesspost.com or www.evite.com.

Your Why?

Know your “WHY”. Knowing why you started your business, why you chose Origami Owl, and why you want to grow your business is a very powerful message. You will share your “WHY” and personal story at every interaction and with prospective business owners. This passion point will help you determine and achieve your short and long term goals with Origami Owl.

Knowing your why is an important part of sharing your dream. Share your why with people you interact with.......people will be drawn to your Origami Owl jewelry and may be looking for an adventure of their own.

Your Origami Owl Lauch Party

Preparation builds confidence and confidence builds your business. Your passion for the business and your personal story will inspire others and help it grow as well.

1. Familiarize yourself with the flow of the party. Create an outline on 3 x 5 cards to remind you of key points you want to cover with your guests. Find ways to make your presentation natural and comfortable by making it personal. Tell guests about the origins of Origami Owl and what led you to become involved. Your passion

will ultimately inspire others and help to make your presentation very natural and conversational. After all, this is YOUR story – own it!

2. Make sure to have lables on take out menus that guests may take with them so they have your information.

3. Be sure to have enough Customer Order Forms and pens on hand for each of your guests. Each order, whether fulfilled at the party or not, must include a completed Customer Order Form.

4. Consider leaving an email sign up sheet on your table and encourage guests to leave their name and email address if they would like to stay up to date on the latest news about Origami Owl or are interested in hosting a party or hearing more about the business opportunity. A printable branded sign up sheet is available in the

Resources section of your Back Office.

5. Keep your party simple. You want people to think that they could sell Origami Owl also. Your guests will be watching from start to finish!

Michelle Velencia Deslauriers, Independent Designer #17341

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions that you may have.