using credit wisely

how to develop a good credit history:
paying your bills on time is where to start. not paying your bills on time will sometimes cause your credit score, to go down. next is keeping your credit balance low, this way your managing how much money you can spend so you dont have to pay a large about at once. then there is avoiding express inquires , inquires will sometimes lower your credit score.

helpful Websites!!

www.budgettracker.com is a website that keeps track of all your expenses and how much money you have,

https://www.simple.com . this website helps you spend smarter, they also have additional websites.

https://www.wealthfront.com, helps you invest , you can start for free it gives you notifications on when your bills are due and where your money is going,

ermrk.it is an app that sales the expensive products you've always wanted, but for a lower price to help manage your money!

http://unleash.us/ this website remind you when payments are due and keeps out od debit


the difference between a credit card and a debit card is that , debit cards take away money from your account , on the other hand, credit cards put your purchases on a list of money you will have to pay in the future, the more purchases on the card the more money you will be paying in the future.

advantages and disadvantages of using credit.

advantages of using credit is the benefits , is that it helps you remember your limit, another is you can buy what you need fast!, another is in case of emergencies! even tho you shouldn't go outside the budget you set, sometimes you have to go over.

with good there always comes bad so some disadvantages is blowing your budget, it's okay to go over a little bit in case of emergencies but if not then you shouldn't charge large amounts of money you do not have! , also increased debt, if you do charge large amounts and you don't pay it in the future, you could go into bad debt depending on how much you charge.

what is APR?

APR is annual percentage rate . when deciding between credit cards, APR can help you compare how much the transaction might be .
lets say i wanted to buy a hoodie for $28.99 , with an interest rate of 18% and a monthly payment of $50, my total cost would be $29.03.

free credit reports?

at https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action you can get a free credit report at any time, when looking over your report, make sure you recognize the purchases and loans . if you do see something you do not recognize purchases on the report, contact the compony of the purchases

for borrowers.

if your a borrower and is having trouble paying back, get help from a family member of credit counseling agency. ignoring the problem will not make it go away. here is a number you can call