Over Population:

Effecting us right here in America!

The Current Status (JIR)

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The United States Population Growth (JIR)

  • The current population of the United States is 328,800,000
  • The population of the United States represents 4.52 percent of the world´s total population
  • Hypothetically speaking, one person in every 22 people on the planet is a resident of United States

Causes (GA)

Overpopulation: The More the Merrier?

The Effects of Over Population on Key Resources (JF)

The Solution (JF)

[15SecCuts] Mean Girls: Health Class

Visualization of of an Overpopulated World (B.S)

Conclusion (BS)

Overpopulation is a huge problem we need to raise awareness on. The greater amount of people on our earth means the increase of land usage for homes, increase in food production and fuel consumption that goes into the air. Are resources are valuable and we are slowly using them up. The solution to this problem should be enforced in schools through health education and should also be enforced in Tax benefits in order to have some type of control for people who continue to repopulate and spread awareness. Ultimately, the overall growth of population occurs in developing countries due to the lack of education and socioeconomic standing. However, we as a whole should raise awareness for the future implications of our planet and educate our young adults about making smart decisions as well as spread ideas to our neighboring countries and work together to bring about change to this crisis.

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