Dr. Shaw's Weekly Newsletter

May 16th - 20th

Greetings Everyone!

And then there was one... One full week of school left, and three days after that.

Yearbooks were sent home last Wednesday. If your child did not purchase a yearbook, but still wants one, they are available for $35.00, cash only. I have discussed yearbook signing etiquette with the class - no phone numbers, no email addresses, no defacing of the yearbooks. We will have a fifth grade yearbook signing event on the 23rd and these rules will apply.

We do have the District Assessments, or DAs next week. These assessments are given several times a year to track student growth and teacher effectiveness. These end of the year DAs are important because they are compared to DA we took at the beginning of the year. The tests are posted in the grade book, but don't count as a large portion of the students' final grades. They will be more heavily weighted in middle school.

Thanks to your generosity during Milestones testing, we are good for snacks next week.

Please let me know if your child will not be moving on to Northbrook next year. Classes at Northbrook are being formed and we want the administration there to be able to work with the students they know are attending the school.

Thanks to those of you who volunteered to help with Fifth Fest on the 20th. Jackson will be quite crowded that day with parents attending to support over 330 fifth graders. Parking will be tight and you are required to sign in. There will be a registration desk at the BACK entrance of the school. Please park in the back parking lot. Carpool if possible with spouses or friends. Bring a blanket to sit on and perhaps sunscreen if your child is sensitive to the sun. We will eat lunch from the cafeteria, along with the masses of other fifth graders and their parents. I strongly urge you to pack a lunch, even beverages for yourself and your child. The picnic will begin at 11:30 and the graduation walk at 12:45.

The Jackson Media Center will host a Summer Reading Book Fair the week of May 16-20 to help ensure your child keeps reading this summer. For $20 your child will be able to select 5 books, 4 from the Summer Reading titles and one book from the “Fun” table. The average cost of one book is $5.99 - $7.99. All titles are for sale individually as well.

So here's what is coming up next week in academics...

In math, we will review on Monday for Tuesday's DA. After that we will enjoy several hands on math activities to close out the year. There will also be a preview of some sixth grade math skills.

In social studies, we will continue to review content from earlier in the year to prep for the district assessment on Thursday. The students will also be presenting the research projects they've been working on for the past two weeks. There is one final daily grade on Tuesday, covering a review of government and economics.

In science next week, we will continue reviewing science content for the district assessment on Wednesday. The students will present their research projects as well, if they chose a science topic.

The students will take their final ELA district assessment on Monday. There is a reading and writing portion to this test. The students are well prepared, and they should do well if they give their best effort.

The students’ autobiographies are due Monday. The projects will be their “in class” reading, so quality work is expected. This is their keepsake from 5th grade, so your support in making sure that the project is well done is appreciated!

The class will also continue to work on cursive handwriting.

There will not be a FrontRow reading or writing assignment next week. The standing assignment of reading and documenting 30 minutes each night continues.

Important Dates:

District Assessments - Monday - Thursday

May 20th - Fifth Fest

May 23rd - Fifth Grade Yearbook Signing

May 25th - Last Day of School

Have a wonderful week!

Dr. Shaw