Newsletter Week 5 Term 3

Sawyers Bay School 25th August 2022

Principal's Message

Kia ora Koutou,

It is hard to imagine that we are halfway through Term 3 already, it has gone by in a flash. We were very excited this week to host Rob Proffit-White for our Teacher Only Day on Tuesday. Rob is at the forefront of Maths education and work across many different countries. To have him all to ourselves for the day, and a chance to really dig deep into how we can best positively impact the learning of OUR children, was an absolute treat. Thank you to all of the families for their understanding and accommodating our day of Professional Development.

We have once again had children out and about making us proud. On Monday we had our Cross Country team competing in the North Zone Cross Country Champs. All of our children did us proud and put in a terrific effort. We look to seeing Maddison, Liam M, Olivia, Rhys, Chaya, Anja, Luca and Beau compete in the Otago Champs next week (information to parents to come).

Quite possibly by the time you read this newsletter, we would have had two teams of students represent the school at the annual O'Mathalon too. We look forward to sharing results with you next week but already know that they will do well and make us proud.

Mā te wā,

Gareth Swete

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th September - School Photos
  • Tuesday 20th - Friday 23rd September - Year Six School Camp

Certificates Week 4 Term 3

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Te Akonga o te Wiki

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Congratulations to Nahoa, Lolita, Alexie, Emily McK, Beau and Ella K who were their Person of the Week for their classes, Term 3 Week 4. This week the trophy went home with Lolita.


We’ve had fun continuing to explore with magnets! We’ve found more things around the classroom that are magnetic and we wrote a sentence about what we have found out through our investigation. We used magnets and a metal ball to help create art work, then we made a maze using a template and decided what the prize would be in the middle, if our object made it through the maze. Today we looked at fishing lines with magnets and how those games work.

We have started putting our thinking caps on, because next week we are putting our learning together with our creativity, to create our own games using magnets.

Our poem on Friday was about a dinosaur hatching out of an egg…..and would you believe it, when I went to buy eggs last week, the Egg Salesperson sold me these interesting shaped eggs, of which he didn’t really know the origin. So I needed the help of Papatūānuku, to crack open these strange looking eggs, to see if I could use them for scrambled eggs, for my lunch.

The answer to that was - no, I couldn’t, because it wasn’t a yolk inside, it was a ……baby dinosaur! Oh no! But thankfully Papatūānuku tamariki said they would look after the baby dinosaurs for me, so that I didn’t have to. Phew. I’m not sure how that would have worked out, otherwise. I’m loving the enthusiasm and expression the tamariki are putting into the poems we are reading at the moment. I hope you’re all enjoying reading them at home during the weekends too.

Report by Mrs Campbell

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Mālō e lelei, kia ora, talofa, hello

It is hard to believe we are in the middle of the term already. As usual the students in Hine-Rau have been working super hard on a variety of activities. In writing we have been reading non fiction animal books and have been using these as part of our reading rotations where the students are able to find three to four interesting facts, write them down and share with the class.

In Math this week we have been learning a new addition game that the teachers learned on their teacher only day and we have been working on fractions and using lots of language around these like wholes, halves, quarters and equal sharing. The class has also been doing art around flight, these art pieces will be turned into our calendar art. The students are enjoying producing these pieces and they are very proud of their artworks. They can't wait for you to see them.

Report by Mrs Brewer

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This week I have been lucky enough to spend two full days building my knowledge of teaching and planning Mathematics. On Monday Miss Laing and I headed out to Outram where we were learning about planning and teaching open ended math problems with Rob Proffit-White. We went into some of the classes and watched demonstrations of lessons and came away with a large bank of ideas to use in our own classes. On Tuesday, Rob came out and worked with our entire staff where we looked further at how we plan our math lessons and we all worked together to design and create some exciting new activities. Over the coming weeks, I will be sending some fun math games home for you to try over a week together as a family. These games are designed to require little equipment, be fun and adaptable, so feel free to change the rules or the level of difficulty as you go along. The most important thing is to have fun playing while engaging your children in Maths!

Today is my first day in class with the children. They were most excited to tell me all about what they have been up to. This is what they had to say:

-We have been making parachutes with Mr Slabbert and checked to see if our animals got down from the fort safely. Theo

-We began self portraits with Mr Fisher. One side is going to be coloured with warm colours and have happy faces. The other side will have cool colours and a sad face. Izzy and Aletta

-For one of our reading activities we chose letters and had to write words that started with those letters for each category like plants, transport, countries, dinner dishes etc. Silas

Report by Mrs Swete

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Kia Ora

We are so proud that we were awarded the Sawyers Bay class shield for being the best class throughout last week's assembly. We have hung it in a special place in our room. Go Ranginui! We have been practicing our Waiata for Polyfest and are currently learning the hand and feet movements. I hope the children are showing you at home too.

I learnt so much from the school wide Maths PD, (Teachers Only Day) and have already begun to introduce a new activity in our maths lesson. The students enjoyed working with 3 digit numbers and could write them in different ways. We will build upon today's learning and continue to develop the place value and number knowledge at our level.

As part of our inquiry topic we recently created our own sundials, (just need the sun to shine a little bit longer to use them to find out the time) We have also carried out an experiment to show refraction. When light and air passes through water the object is known as refracted. Please ask your child about it, as this is a big concept and the more we talk about it the clearer it becomes.

Ka Kite

Report by Miss Ruzsa


If you remember, Hinemoana has been busy coming up with their own ice cream flavours to enter a competition. So, we thought we should also eat some ice cream, right? All with the aim of creating some amazing, descriptive pieces of writing about ice cream. So far we have gobbled up some ice cream and created a brainstorm using our five senses. We have also pushed ourselves to try and come up with some interesting ideas for a range of language features to describe ice cream like similes, metaphors, personification and hyperboles.

With our learning all about sight and light we are becoming optical artists. The word optical is used to describe things that relate to how we see. Have you ever seen an optical illusion before? Optical Art works in a similar way. We use shapes, colours and patterns in special ways to create images that look as if they are moving or blurring. We have begun our first draft piece and the children are doing a great job playing around with perspective to create their optical art. We are looking forward to creating our final pieces!

Report by Miss Laing

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Tāne Mahuta

We have been really enjoying our arts rotations and experimenting with different music, drama and dance techniques. For our last dance rotation we put our understanding of body awareness into movements, we listened to a song, thought about how we could dance to it and then danced for a buddy. We provided each other with some positive comments and some constructive criticism to think about when we next danced, what we could do differently. It was awesome to see so many people come up with so many interesting dance moves! Please take a moment to watch our dance clips if you would like to see some of the movements and ideas we came up with!

Report by Miss Tenci

TM Dance
TM Dance 1

A message from your PTA...


Community Notices

Let's go fishing

Otago Fish & Game’s popular Take A Kid Fishing events are back this year.

We are running four free sessions from 10am to noon at Southern Reservoir, Reservoir Road, Dunedin, on September 17, 18, 24 and 25, 2022.

You must register to attend. Go to the Otago Fish and Game Council Facebook page, or follow the link below:

Due to popular demand, participants may register for one day only. Numbers will be limited to 120 children per event.

Spare fishing rods will be available along with experts to help kids get started. Parents or caregivers must be present to supervise children.

Thanks to our supporters at the Otago Community Trust and Oceana Gold.

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Sawyers Bay School Board Elections

Nominations for the School Board Elections 2022 have now closed. A total of 6 nominations were received, which means we move to a voting election. If you are eligible to vote, you should have received your voting paper and instructions by now. Please contact the school office if you haven't.

Sawyers Bay School

School Board Elections Nominations Received

ASHTON Stefanie


DAWE Anita

DICK Matthew


PRASAD Michael

Voting closes at 4pm on 7 September.

Kyla Martyn

Returning Officer