Beagles informaion

Fun Facts about

Beagles can live up to 12-15 years old. So if you want a long a relation ship between you and your pup! All Beagles can be diffrent colors. So if you want a red beagle they are all diffrent colors, such as red, yellow, brown, and black. Looking for more beagle puppies. Well a female beagle can have up to 14 puppies! Usally they 7 though. All beagles can be trained at a young age but only if the owners do the traning. Beagles do howl a lot. But they have a great sense of smell. Beagles are the best! GET ONE!

Why should you get a Beagle

You should get a Beagle because they are very loyal. They are great play mates and have capibilities. And if you want to have a good night sleep then thats the pet for you! If you want a hunter dog the beagle is just right for you!

Fun little puppies.

Friend or foe?

Beagles can be friend or foe. BUt mostly a friend. But if the owners say "attack" they that will be a foe.

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