Normie Rowe


Normie Rowe

Normie Rowe was born in February the 1st 1947 he is still alive but he is 68 years old pretty old.Normie is an Australian solider and a singer,Normie Rowe lived in Melbourne he began singing in a local church And was a pop singer in the sixties.

Normies life

Normie Rowe goes to north cote high school,he then starts singing at Vietname in the the 1970s he became a celebrity for Vietnam and Australia.Normie was involved in the Vietnamese war at the age of 20.normie had a lot of achievement for singing and for war.His hobbies are singing,video games and mechanical stuff.

Top 5 Question to ask Normie

1.what war were you involved in Normie?

2.Are you still a celebrity right now ?

3.Do you remember any songs you sang in the 70s?

4.When did you start going to war?

5.How many members are in your family?