Fast Sam Cool Clyde and Stuff

By Taylor Jenkins

Scene Summary

The scene I picked was the dance. The dance happens right after Clyde's father dies. This is a hard time for the neighborhood; especially for Clyde. Sam and Stuff think its a good idea to have Clyde stop thinking about his father and enter a dance contest. Stuff thought that it would be good for Clyde to win the dance contest. A little extra cash and a hobby to stop thinking about the death of his father. Clyde enters the contest, when his partner won't enter with him the boys must think of a plan to enter the contest. When they do it will change many things forever.

Whole book Summary

When Stuff (Francis) moves to 118th street Harlem New York he is not well know in the neighborhood. When he meets Sam, Clyde and Gloria the next five years of his life are about to change forever. Stuff, Sam, Gloria, and Clyde are going to learn to deal with hardships, death, love, laughter the good and bad. These individuals will learn the true meaning of friendship and how fast their lives can change in seconds. Clyde, Stuff, and Sam will learn that helping a friends can lead to bad things. Items that they do not want to be involved with. That even your best friend can lie and turn your whole world upside down.
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