Newsletter Week 1 Term 2 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville - MAY 3rd

Principal's Message

Kia ora Koutou,

Welcome to Term 2. We are working in orange level and it is so good to have a little more freedom within school. We had our first assembly together on Monday which was just great! Tomorrow, our school is attending the Parish Mass at 10 am. All welcome to join us.

In orange level, masks are not required to be worn by staff/students, but we do encourage masks where needed. For large group events, year 4 - 8 students will be asked to wear a mask. Parents and caregivers are welcome on site but we do ask that you wear a mask while on school grounds. We look forward to seeing you around school.

A special welcome to Bridgette Van Eijk. Bridgette has started school in Akonga Hub and is very lucky to have her siblings Charlotte and Zachary at school already. We know you are going to love school Bridgette.

This term we have some exciting events back on our calendar. Cross Country training will start next week. Students need to pack PE gear and sneakers (optional) each day and be prepared to train. Netball/Rugby Funday for year 3-6 is taking place at the end of May. We are holding the legendary Waikato Catholic Schools Literacy Quiz at our school as well. Dates and events can be found on our google calendar through our school website

Have a fantastic week! God bless you and your families.


Andrea Colebourn


ANZAC Day with St Joseph's

We recognised ANZAC Day as a school in the last week of term.

Thank you for your donations which have been gratefully received by the RSA and will go towards supporting the needs of Returned Service people in this area.

Our senior students attended a school ANZAC ceremony, which was proudly lead by our Year 7/8 students. They shared some very emotional and memorable words, along with a time of reflection. We thank them for such an outstanding job.

At the conclusion a talented team of artists presented a special piece of artwork. Thank you to Amber Collins, Mila Williams, Sheina Bantugan and Jovan Rinos for sharing your gift which will be proudly displayed.

Thank you also to Jaxon Chase for representing our school at the Dawn Parade on ANZAC Day at the RSA and laying a wreath on the schools behalf.

We hope as a family you took some time on ANZAC Day to reflect and give thanks.

Lest We Forget

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RE in a snapshot

This term our Religious Education focus is To Tātou Whakapono - Our Faith. The key themes for each year level is:

Year 1 and 2

  • Introduce key stories about Jesus

  • Develop an understanding of the context of these Bible stories.

Year 3 and 4

  • Explore what Jesus teaches us through stories that have a message.

  • Recognise that Jesus had messages which help us know what to do and how to be happy.

Year 5 and 6

  • Recognise that the books and stories of the Old Testament were already in existence when Jesus was growing up, and develop understanding of the social, historical and geographical context of that time.

  • Grow in understanding that the Old Testament tells the story of the Jewish people, but it is also important for Christians and Muslims as it tells the story of God’s relationship with humanity.

Year 7 and 8

  • Develop an understanding of how the Bible was formed, cherished and shared.

  • Explore some of the stories and writings and their context and how this influences our understanding of Scripture.

Footsteps Dance Programme

We are very excited to have Footsteps back in our school this term. Every two years we engage in this initiative to provide dance opportunities for all of our students, where dance is used as a vehicle to develop students’ social skills, confidence and creativity. Students will experience various dance styles including hip hop, funk, modern pop, contemporary, partner and various multicultural dances from around the world.

Every Monday this term, the children will be involved in a dance lesson. Make sure you ask them about it and get them to show you their moves!

Welcome Megan

We welcome Megan Walker-Timu to our staff. Megan will be supporting some of our students who are second language learners as well as providing additional support to other learners. We are so fortunate to have Megan's expertise in our school. Megan has moved from Auckland to Morrinsville with her lovely family. Welcome Megan!


We will be holding a Baptism course for older children shortly in the Parish, early/mid June. Dates and times are still being sorted, and will in part depend on the number of people interested. The program will be for both the children and parents, and will be held over two sessions.

If you are interested, just let us know and we can send home a form for you. Names are needed by 20 May 2022.

Netball Kick Start 2022

Our Netball 2022 season is underway starting this week.

Individual letters have been sent home to players outlining their playing level, team, game days, subs, etc. We ask that you please read carefully.

Subs to be paid promptly in full please by Friday, May 20th to the Netball account - details as noted in letter. Thank you.

We look forward to a great 2022 Netball Season.

PFC Fundraiser - Oxford Pies

Coming Your Way - PFC Fundraiser : Oxford Pies and More

Order Forms being sent home

Great for the freezer over the winter months for those quick meals.

Please see order form on Seesaw or copy sent home.

Complete and return by Thursday, May 12th

Please follow payment instructions on form only.

Order collection Friday, May 20th - note details for collection.

Thank You for Support St Josephs School PFC

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Winter Uniform

Term 2 and Term 3 is winter uniform time. Over the holidays get your winter uniform ready. Just remember that we have lots of gear in our second hand uniform section so feel free to take a look.

Students are welcome to wear a school jacket, a school jersey (or both to school).

Everyone must be in full winter uniform by Monday 16 May (two weeks into term 2). You can wear your winter or summer uniform until then, just not a combination of both.

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Are You Able to Spare Some Time?

Calling for Master Chefs for Our Schools Weekly Thursday Sausage Sizzle

Master Chefs are required urgently approximately once per term for

1.5 hours on a Thursday to cook sausages and clear away.

When numbers allow, two Chefs usually work together using frypans in the school hall, producing top quality browning on those yummy sausages.

All money raised goes towards of student class trips or camps.

Please email or phone the office on 8895306.

Our PE Shed is all go!

Our PE shed has been installed, shelves and equipment are in and it is ready to use. A special thank you to Toyah and her super helpers for organising the shift into the shed. There was so much to sort through. Well done!

The PE shed would not have happened without the support of the PFC who has paid for this amazing resource. Thank you so much!


The Month of Mary

In the Catholic Church the month of May is Mary’s month. It’s the month we honor Blessed Mary as the Mother of Jesus and our Heavenly Mother. If you attended Catholic school, you probably remember taking part in the “May crowning” in the beginning of May–where a wreath of flowers was placed on the head of the statue of Mary as prayers were said.

We are not exactly sure why May was chosen to honour Mary, but many believe in some parts of the world that May being the month when spring is in full bloom has a lot to do with it. This new beginning and new birth in nature reminds us of the life Mary gave to Jesus. Without Mary giving birth to Jesus, all the events that followed: Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection wouldn’t have happened. So, it’s believed that May (when nature is showing signs of life) is the ideal month to honour the woman who gave life to our Saviour.

Subway Continuing Term 2

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Upcoming Events

  • May - Month of Mary
  • Footsteps Dance sessions commence
  • Cross Country Training commences
  • Mothers Day - Sunday, May 8th
  • Whole School Mass - Wednesday, May 11th
  • PFC Oxford Pies order form back - Thursday, May 12th
  • St Bernadette Feast Day - Friday, May 13th
  • House Spirit Hour - Friday, May 20th
  • PFC Oxford Pies collection day - Friday, May 20th
  • Rugby/Netball Fun Day- Tuesday, May 24th
  • Queens Birthday Weekend - Monday, June 6th
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