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Hi All:

Report Cards will be out this week.

A special thank you goes out to, Mileena, Faith, Ryan, Ramone and AAron who last summer worked on the printing presses, digital press, cutter, folder, stitcher to produce the printing the district uses daily. Abby and Richard volunteered during the summer to help with an Expanded Learning Opportunities group of about 12 people so they may earn high school portfolio artifacts. This group was very impressive with their effort, professionalism and commitment, no one missed a day!

The Plan

Level one students will be working on T-shirts, Holiday boxes, The Grade I deserve, a PrintED level 1 exam, then begin their exploration of the industry and career exploration.

Level two students are working on the Central Maine Photoshop course. This is a completely separate unit dedicated to CMCC using their syllabus while moving the students toward taking the Adobe Certification test. They will begin the PrintED Advertising Design standards, starting with the creation of their own Holiday Cards with unique folding techniques.

Level three students have completed their web sites (e-portfolio) and will be working on their Senior projects, submitting college applications and looking for employment post High School. Their portfolios have been handed in and we reviewed them so they are aware of their standing. Please ask your student about the portfolio.

NOVEMBER 21, 2013

The Holiday Gathering is gaining members, it looks to be another fun night.


Since food is being supplied by us, it is important that we have a count.

Graphics Family, Please email with the number of people you are coming with.

Festivities beginning at 5 00 pm

The Graphic Design Printing & Art program family is being offered the following in partnership with Digital Media and Hospitality Travel programs.

Holiday Photographs by appointment only

Please call WACTC at 401-767-4668 or email to reserve your spot.

Holiday Photographs by appointment only Please call WACTC at 401-767-4668 or email to reserve your spot.

Holiday Cards

12 Cards $12.00

24 Cards $20.00

36 Cards $28.00

48 Cards $32.00

72 Cards $38.00

Package #1

4 Wallets

1 5X7


Package #2

8 Wallets

2 5x7


Package #3

16 Wallets

2 5x7

1 8x10


Additional options

8 Wallets $5.00

1 5x7 $5.00

1 8x10 $10.00

1 11x14 $20.00