Drake Merwin Wanted

By Sudeep Reddy


We are awarding a $10,000 prize for anybody that finds him and brings them to us. He looks like a regular boy except he has a whip for his hand.
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Wanted For

Drake has hit his own ally Orc just for talking out of turn. He also kidnaps Lana and threatens to kill her dog and her if she doesn't heal his arm. He was the Dark one's servant and helps the coyotes harm the daycare.

Suspected Locations and Personality

He can sometimes be at Coates Academy helping Caine. He is also very stubborn and loves to torment other children. He will threaten your life just for speaking out of turn. You can also call him by his nickname, "Whip Hand".


"Doesn't it bother you going around with that retard?" Drake said. This shows that Drake called an autistic boy a retard which is clearly not worthy of toleration.