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" Every day is a GREAT day to be a Bomber!" ~ Jeff Stanley

Second Semester is Here!

The third nine weeks has officially started. Before we know it, we will be planning for commencement to graduate the class of 2019! This year has been a successful one thus far, and we anticipate even more success through the second half of the year.

In this edition of the Bulletin, you'll notice a lot of "technology talk" and technology highlights as the district continues to focus on the integration of technology into the classroom. There is a heavy focus on blended learning instruction, an approach to education that combines online education with traditional practices, occurring at both buildings. A graphic is provided below to help explain the purpose and impact of blended learning.

Students are accessing and learning new material online at their own pace while the teachers are providing additional support through instruction and feedback. The ultimate goal is to prepare these students to better understand how to access materials, provide authentic feedback and conversations, work independently, and think critically. It is amazing to see our students and teachers flourish with this approach to learning!

Cold and snow days officially started this month. If you are not receiving notifications and would like to receive them, please contact the Board Office at 330-326-2711 ext. 501. We update our social media pages and school website regularly when school is closed.

Thank you for all of your support!


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Thank YOU!

Superintendent Gregg Isler officially retired January 31. He has been in education for 33 years with 24 years dedicated to Windham. The Windham Family sends many thanks to Mr. Isler. He has impacted numerous lives- as a teacher, coach, and educational leader- and has made positive changes in Windham. Hats off to you, Mr. Isler! Enjoy your retirement!


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Momentum Award: 3 Years in a ROW!

The district received the Momentum Award from the Ohio Department of Education for the third consecutive year. This award recognizes districts in Ohio who receive straight A's on every Value-Added measure on the state report card. The Junior High, specifically, received this award since the students exceeded expected growth! We are PROUD of our dedicated students and staff. Congratulations!


JR/ SR High School Food Pantry

The food pantry has been up and running for over a month now, and it has been a rewarding experience for all involved. The students shop every Friday during their lunch periods and are able to pick up their food at the end of the day before they leave.

Multiple people have inquired about monetary and food donations. If you would like to donate to the pantry, you can drop off any items, during school hours, to the board office. If you would like to mail a monetary donation, you can mail it to the school with the attention to Laura Amero.

The school's facebook page will be regularly updated about items that are most needed. For February we are asking for: Pasta, sauce, and rice. Of course, we will always take any items you want to donate!

Thank you to everyone for all of the inquiries and offers to help. This will be an ongoing project so that we can continue to help support our Windham students and families.


Technology Talk

WBKT News!

Third grade teacher, Elissa Ebbert, was highlighted in the last edition of the Bulletin for her innovative perspective on education. She jump-started WBKT news with her students to integrate even more technology into the district's curriculum.

Each week the third grade class publishes their WBKT News broadcast which has become quite a hit in Bomber Country! We post them to our Facebook page as soon as they are released; however, you can see all of the broadcasts if you click this link. You don't want to miss these newscasts- they will make you smile from beginning to end.



Rooted in STEM

Teacher: Amanda Brundage

Grades: 7-12

Amanda Brundage, junior high and high school STEM educator, will be the focus of this month’s technology teacher feature. Mrs. Brundage serves as the leader of a wide array of academic courses to include: Video Editing, Women in STEM, STEM Independent Study, Forensic Science, Architecture and Biomedical Engineering. She also volunteers her time as the high school Robotics coach, a club initiated during the 2018-19 school year. Last spring, she led a group of students who won the NASA Mars Rover challenge at Nasa Glenn in Cleveland. Mrs. Brundage serves as an excellent role model for her students. One consistency within the world of technology is CHANGE. Amanda Brundage remains curious and open to new possibilities within the classroom. On any given day, you will find her: helping students simulate crime scenes, teaching the craft of working with a 3-d printer, assisting learners with AUTOCAD design software and navigating video projects from the planning through production stages. She works as a facilitator of learning but also learns beside her students- allowing them to take on leadership roles when they’ve demonstrated advanced skills in various areas of the curriculum. Amanda exhibits persistence, problem-solving and an interest in lifelong learning- all positive attributes that will encourage the success of students and teachers, within and beyond the walls of Windham Schools!

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Record Courier Student and Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to 7th grader Kierslynn Hoskin and Ms. Danielle Brkich who were nominated to represent Windham in the Record Courier for the month of January. We are proud of the efforts of our students and staff who aspire to make Windham a wonderful place to be! #windhamfamily
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Parent Portal

Each edition of the Bulletin will provide parents and guardians with family events and/or resources. We hope you find this section helpful. If you would like to see certain topics covered, please email Laura Amero at


Nicotine Toothpicks?

According to the Prevention Action Alliance, toothpicks are now being infused with nicotine as an alternate way for adults (and children) to get a nicotine fix. This is being promoted as a preventative way to help adults stop smoking (much like E Cigarettes!) yet they're ending up in the hands of our youth. This link takes you to an article which reviews and explores nicotine infused toothpicks. As we are all aware, E-Cigarettes is an epidemic amongst the youth. This product is yet another way for our youth to become easily exposed and addicted to nicotine. The article mentions that the packaging appeals to the younger generation and provides appealing flavors (such as strawberry). When searching the Internet for more information, there wasn't much available yet since this seems to be a new product. Please talk to your students about the dangers of using tobacco products. We want to keep our students healthy and safe and help them live longer, not shorter. Please take a moment to read the provided article with your students.


School Arrival & Dismissal Times

JR/SR High School Official School Day: 7:35 AM-2:45 PM

*Breakfast is served at 7:20-7:32 AM

KT Elementary Official School Day: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

*Breakfast is served from 8:15-8:30 AM

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