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Fluorescent Colors to Consider

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Fluorescent Colors to Consider for Your Hi Viz Sportswear

There are two major materials which are used in your ultimate high visibility jackets. They can either be made from fluorescent materials or they can be made from reflective materials. Nowadays though, manufacturers have found a great way in order to deal and product Hi Viz sportswear apparel which can both be use at day and at night. Since fluorescent materials are better during the day and retro-reflective materials are great at night, combining the two materials in the apparel seems to be the obvious solution. But even with the combination, there are still some specifications that you have to make for once material which you need not make in the other.

For the fluorescent part of your high visibility outfit, one thing you have to decide on is the color. There are a lot of fluorescent colors that can be used which are red, yellow, green, orange and pink. But these colors are not just the normal kinds, they are brighter and more distinctive. And when it comes to choosing what colors to use, it would depend on your use of them.

Some industries have claimed their colors to avoid confusion and for uniformity. For safety and health industry, they have decided to go with yellow and orange Hi Viz sportswear clothes. These includes the construction workers, police officer and emergency workers. For the boat crews, they chose orange which will be very distinctive when in water. This is why their life vests are colored bright orange most of the time. Pink is the color of the horse riders because this specific color cannot be found in nature where they mostly are in. The said color is also best for autumn leaves. This is also the same color that motorcycle drivers are encouraged to use in some parts of the world so that they can be very visible while on the road and be able to avoid accidents.

In considering your own Hi Viz sportswear, you should also consider the color you will use and based that on where you will use it. This is to avoid confusion and at the same time make the most out of the product that you will purchase.