Mayfield East Public School

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Week 8 Newsletter

We are so happy you would like to contribute towards our program here at MEPS. We will let you know of any jobs or areas we need some volunteer support. Whether you are able to contribute 10 minutes or an hour, we really appreciate any help!

Jobs this week in our garden....

If you are able to assist with any of these jobs while you are around the school, we would love to tick these off.

  • Watering the front garden (when its not raining). The tap is on the wall of the office in the garden bed. If you could water the pots and grape vine beds. Also watering the native plants on the side of the walkway would be a great help.
  • Watering the raised garden beds and pots in the front quadrangle. There is a tap and hose near the indigenous garden. These beds get very dry!
  • Watering the fruit trees under the COLA in the big concrete pots.
  • We have a pest control job with one of our citrus trees, please see Miss Black if you are able to assist.
  • Garden Map - we need to make a computerised map of our garden beds to keep track of our planting and crop rotations. If you are able to assist with this job please see Miss Thirlaway.

Weekend Chicken Carers

We are looking for some new weekend chicken carers. Could you be part of our roster to come to school on the weekend and care for our school chickens? The best bit is getting to collect the fresh eggs and take these home! Please see or contact Miss Thirlaway and we can add you name to our weekend care roster.

Volunteering in our Kitchen

At the moment we only have limited parent helpers coming along to kitchen lessons. If you are able to volunteer or know someone who would like to cook with our kids

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Website

The link below will take you to our website where you are able to access the recipes from classes and see photos of the students cooking or working in the kitchen or the garden.

Mayfield East Public School

Kitchen Specialist - Claire Lendich (Thirlaway)

Garden Specialist - Sophie Black