Victory's Simple Recipe

Success tips for graduate students and future librarians...

Apprehensive? Don't be!

It may seem daunting and overwhelming to tackle graduate courses in preparation to be a librarian, but if you follow this recipe, the taste of success will be sweet!


Being resourceful is one of the most important things in the 21st century classroom. As a current graduate student at Sam Houston State University, it has quickly become apparent that access to new technologies will prove a valuable tool in my graduate studies. The learning experience is not only being propelled for students in grade school, but in the universities as well. It is the way the world is moving as a whole.

A couple of the go-to sites for future librarians are:

But how does this apply to my future as a librarian?

  • "Instruction implemented in collaboration with teachers that is integrated with classroom curriculum and allows students to learn and practice such 21st century skills as problem-solving, critical thinking and communication of ideas and information"

    As a future librarian, it is essential to stay abreast with the latest technologies. Although students can learn inside a classroom, it is the librarian who bridges the gaps between the classroom and the community. Librarians are a lifeline of resources.

And what are the secret ingredients to success?

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I had a prime example of these three core values: my father. As an immigrant from El Salvador, he knew living in a foreign land would be beyond difficult. My father instilled in my integrity, flexibility, and pride. "These three are paramount to succeeding in any situation," he would say.

As a graduate student, and coming into the classroom after almost ten years, the integral ingredients for perseverance have not changed. Among the many expectations for doctorate students attending the University of Rochester, the following is true in regards to integrity and ethics. Students must "assume the highest integrity and maintain ethical standards in all aspects of the student’s work, especially in the tasks of collecting, analyzing, and presenting research data. Special care should be taken to follow guidelines established by the University's independent review boards for research." Integrity, or having strong moral principles, directly reflects the quality of work a graduate student produces, as well as how a future librarian will conduct himself or herself. It mirrors work ethic and directly reflects how reliable and responsible a worker will be in the classroom or library.

The embodiment of these values and central truths will be elemental in the production of a successful librarian.

School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

"Modern librarians need to be comfortable and conversant with technology, be willing and able to speak in public, and possess people skills and a commitment to lifelong learning, as the profession and the expertise necessary for success are constantly changing." Adapting to new environments, advanced education demands, and pushing the envelope in a new social capacity, shapes the model graduate student - and in turn produces the best quality of librarian. Flexibility goes hand-in-hand with effective use of time management. Just as it may very well be in the workforce, a graduate student must plan their activities with preparedness and expectancy. Change is constant and it will behoove a graduate student to be prepared for it.

In the library, it is the same. A librarian who is organized and manages time wisely will better accommodate their administrators, teachers, and ultimately the student body. It is a career based on customer service, and being flexible in graduate school will only perfect this quality later.

The following video describes the flexibility needed to provide the quality of service in a changing world of technology, rigor, and literacy demands in school curriculums across the country.

School Libraries Matter: The Changing Role of the School Librarian

The Few, The Proud, The Librarians...

Stay plugged in!

Your graduate studies will take you to places you've never been before, or know little about. Seek out those in the field. Graduate students should surround themselves with others who love their profession and are willing to share of their knowledge. Maximize your graduate experience! "The two keys to making yourself marketable... are getting professionally involved, and gaining library experience." Pride is also another attribute that will not only propel your efforts and attitude toward graduate school, but it will also directly translate into your work ethic, disposition, and approach as a librarian.

Ultimately, the graduate student is an innovator in the making. In my current experience as a graduate student, I have already come to terms with my shortcomings in the technology department. I must propel myself to embrace different technologies, almost on the fly, as they say. To have the adaptability to learn quickly and independently will fine tune my reaches in my future profession.

And so it will be for you!

Fear Not..

Always remember to keep these attributes. With this perfect recipe, you will be a successful graduate student and become the ultimate librarian.


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